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Welcome to our EPIK and SMOE Teachers – August 2015 EPIK Orientation

Reach To Teach would like to welcome all of our EPIK and SMOE teachers to South Korea for the August 2015 Orientation! Learn about our EPIK arrival process for teachers.

Gaining Feedback from Korean Adult Students

The best kind of teachers are the ones that can recognize their mistakes and grow from them. After all, teaching is a huge learning curve, even the most experienced teacher can be presented with a new situation in which to grow from. Getting feedback from students is the best way to see where you are going wrong, but gaining that feedback isn’t always easy especially in a country like South Korea where challenging authority is often culturally inappropriate.

Top 5 Vacation Spots From South Korea

What’s better: One year, one country or one year, many countries? I definitely agree on the latter, which is why we put together this list to help English teachers in Korea decide how best to use their vacation days while living abroad. Asia is huge, beautiful, and exploding with must-see destinations.

Tips For Riding The KTX in Korea

As the pitch of the wind rushing past the window rises and the scenery whips by, there is a sense of motion unparalleled by most other modes of transportation. Indeed 300 km/h is not particularly fast for an airplane, and the flight from Seoul to Busan is much quicker, but gliding along the ground at these speeds is a new experience that amplifies the excitement of travel.

The Rise of Global Education in South Korea

The education system in South Korea is changing, and the thing about change is that it takes time to perfect. I learned this the hard way and it’s greatly impacted my year as an English teacher in The Land of The Morning Calm in many positive (and sometimes not so positive) ways.

Welcome to Our February 2015 EPIK Arrivals

Meeting the teachers before they head off to orientation for the February 2015 EPIK session is the final step before the adventure begins!

Appreciating South Korea

I have to be very honest: I wasn’t very joyful during my first few weeks living in Daegu, South Korea. In fact, I was upset, frustrated, and annoyed more often than I was happy. While all my friends were experiencing their ‘honey moon’ phase, I was feeling defeated. There were three things that helped me get out of my funk and start enjoying my time here, two fold.

10 Creative Activities For Desk Warming Season (Part 2)

Desk warming season can be a difficult time, here is the second part of Judith Villarreal’s 10 creative things to do during desk warming season.