Author: John Kellenberger

EPIK Orientation Spring 2017 – Reach To Teach Teachers in South Korea

We would like to welcome our new Reach To Teach teachers in South Korea for EPIK Orientation Spring 2017. Thank you for choosing to work with us!

Welcome to our EPIK and SMOE Teachers – August 2015 EPIK Orientation

Reach To Teach would like to welcome all of our EPIK and SMOE teachers to South Korea for the August 2015 Orientation! Learn about our EPIK arrival process for teachers.

Third Annual Reach To Teach Itaewon Pub Crawl (Seoul)

Come join our Reach To Teach Third Annual Itaewon Pub Crawl on February 22, 2014. We’re going to start the night off at The Wolfhound with dinner at 8:00pm and make our way to a number of bars in the Itaewon area. Bring your friends!

Interview With Sarah Steinmetz, An American Teacher In South Korea

We are joined once again by one of our teachers who has kindly taken time to answer a few of our questions. This time we interviewed Sarah Steinmetz, a New Hampshire girl teaching English in South Korea. Here she tells us all about her time spent in South Korea so far.

Interview With Daniel St. Clair, An American Teacher In South Korea

We are joined this month by Daniel St. Clair who made the move all the way from the United States to Korea to teach with the EPIK program. Although Daniel is new to South Korea, this is not his first teaching experience through Reach To Teach. He also taught English at one of our schools in Taipei. Today, Daniel shares some of his adventures teaching abroad in South Korea.

Interview With Moses Allen: An American Teacher In South Korea

Introducing Moses Allen, an extremely active individual who is currently teaching in Korea. He has kindly taken the time to share his experiences in Korea and to give you the reader some extra information about fun things to do there. Read his interview to find a wealth of fun knowledge, from running groups to ice-climbing.

Interview with Chris Schannauer: An American Teaching in South Korea

Today we hear from our latest Reach To Teach Teacher Chris who is currently teaching in South Korea. He made the move from Pennsylvania to Korea and although he hasn’t been there for long, his experiences have shown him a lot. Read on to find out what he thinks of his time there.

Tips for Applying to EPIK and SMOE in South Korea

Our Reach To Teach teachers have provided some helpful tips for getting things ready for your application for the EPIK and SMOE programs in South Korea.