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A Teacher’s View: Completing The Visa Application To Teach in Taiwan

Learn a teacher’s perspective on completing the visa application to teach in Taiwan. Stu is a Canadian teacher who arrived in Taiwan in May 2022. In his interview, he breaks down the visa application process while also offering some tips to help speed your own application along and what to do in quarantine.

Teacher John – Life in Taiwan Quarantine in May 2021

Learn about life in Taiwan quarantine with John who flew to Taiwan just before the May outbreak in Taipei and New Taipei City. John is currently waiting for schools to reopen so he can begin his teaching career in Taiwan. In the meantime, he has kindly offered to share his thoughts about his arrival in Taiwan, his experience leading up to his departure for Taiwan, and what life in Taiwan quarantine has been like for him.

Learn About Taiwan Quarantine with Ben – Teaching in Taiwan in 2021

Our first teacher interview of 2021 is off to a great start. Learn about Taiwan Quarantine with Ben who is a week into his mandatory quarantine experience in Tainan.

7 Reasons Why a TEFL Course Is a Great Investment

Many people who are planning to move abroad to teach English debate whether or not they should take a TEFL course. Besides the fact that the majority of EFL employers around the world already require their teachers to possess a TEFL certification, there are many other reasons why a TEFL course is a great investment.

Working for a Hess Franchise

Working for a Hess franchise has been an amazing experience, one that would have been quite different had I gone with a Hess head office position. My recruiter informed me that franchise positions are quite different to head office positions, and they couldn’t have been more correct.

Pre-EPIK Interview

Your pre-EPIK interview is a great head start for getting to grips with the EPIK process. Between gathering all of your official docs and binging on K-dramas, preparing for your EPIK pre-interview can be an easy thing to just slip your mind.

Decision Making Process

So there it was, one fateful dinner with my yoda-but-not-yoda aunty had once again put me on the path to my future. So I took this new found destiny and I played with it and shaped it, stretched it, twisted it, and slowly but surely molded it into my own version of what I wanted it to be. That is how I came on to the idea of teaching abroad in ESL.

Top 5 Reasons You Need A Recruiter

If you’ve found yourself clicking desperately on this article, then you are in need of the advice I’m here to lend. I was once in your shoes, friend. I know how scary the process of applying and grueling paperwork can be, but there’s no need to do it alone. Below you’ll find the top 5 reasons you should enlist the free help of a recruiter to make that big jump abroad a little easier.