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How to Pick a Good TEFL Course – ITTT TEFL

How to Pick a Good TEFL Course – Due to the increasing demand for English teachers in countries worldwide, the variety of TEFL and TESOL courses to choose from has skyrocketed. Here are some excellent guidelines from our friends at ITTT on how to pick a good TEFL course.

7 Reasons Why a TEFL Course Is a Great Investment

Many people who are planning to move abroad to teach English debate whether or not they should take a TEFL course. Besides the fact that the majority of EFL employers around the world already require their teachers to possess a TEFL certification, there are many other reasons why a TEFL course is a great investment.

Why Personality Matters for TEFL Jobs

Thinking of becoming an ESL teacher but feel you lack the right personality? Think again! You may be more qualified than you know. There is a whole range of different experiences and life situations which go into shaping an ideal candidate for an ESL position.

Random Things Teaching English Abroad Teaches You

A TEFL course teaches you lots of things, such as the difference between the present simple and present perfect verb tense and how to stop your classes descending into chaos! It won’t teach you…

TEFL Course Review: How My Online TEFL Class Prepared Me for Teaching Abroad

Reach To Teach sent one of our teachers to take International TEFL Academy’s professional and fully-accredited 170-hour online TEFL course. Read more to find out how this online course prepared her for teaching abroad.

TEFL Q&A: Do I Need a TEFL to Teach with EPIK in South Korea?

For the past two decades, South Korea has been one of the top destinations in the world for ESL teachers. In addition to offering one of the highest salaries in the business, schools in South Korea offer free housing, free flights, and insurance benefits, among other perks. Over the past year, Asian ESL destinations such…
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10 Tips for Teaching in ESL Classrooms

With the English language constantly growing in international importance, qualified teachers are needed to provide a balanced and comprehensive ESL education. Here are 10 tips for teaching in ESL classrooms around the world.

7 Classroom Tips for English Teachers Abroad

The classroom tips below are general in nature and are intended to be more of a navigational tool than anything else. As it is virtually impossible to account for every possible teaching style and method, think of these classroom tips for English teachers abroad as best practices.