Tag: ESL activities

Introducing the Olympics

The Olympics are not only a semblance of international community but also insanely fun to watch! The athletes are the best of the best in their sport—they’ve practiced for many years and are a great example for anybody. Why not bring the Olympics into your classroom through some fun games or lessons?

ESL Parent Support

ESL parent support can be a vital tool for managing your class. Perhaps you have a student who is shining in the classroom or maybe a student who is doing somewhat the opposite—it’s always nice to have parental support in the classroom.

Montessori Schools Part 2

Montessori schools are fast becoming a popular educational system for parents to put their children through. In my last article, I briefly covered what exactly Montessori means and what a Montessori classroom looks like.

Classroom Playtime

Playtime in the classroom is a really useful tool for making difficult concepts in English more accessible to students. Whether you are young or old, everybody likes to play sometimes. Students love to play games in the classroom and a lot of lessons highly encourage the use of activities to learn a new language.

Showcase your Students’ Talents

As a teacher you want to showcase your students’ talents and as a new school year is beginning, it’s important to think ahead about what goals you want your students to achieve. Of course, we all want our students to become more fluent in the English language by memorizing vocabulary, grammar structures, and sentence patterns. But how do you showcase how your lessons have practical uses?

Co-teaching Relationship: Success vs. Failure

The co-teaching relationship between you and your co-teacher, or better yet, the chemistry, is the chief element that can dictate success or failure in the classroom. Sounds a bit harsh, or too rigid, too black and white, though, doesn’t it?

Inspirational Lessons

Delivering inspirational lessons is what a teacher should always strive to achieve. Being a teacher is about more than just giving lessons, enforcing rules, and grading tests. It’s also about being an example, a role model, and an inspiration.

Confidence in the Classroom

Having confidence in the classroom is essential to a well working class. Whether you are a first-time teacher or a seasoned veteran, beginning a new year with new classes can be a little nerve-wracking.