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Backup Activities

Having backup activities can be a real lifesaver in the classroom. As a newer teacher, it was always a great fear to have time left over in a lesson. I had begun teaching a brand new class of students with no previous English experience in the summer.

Engage Your Students

It is crucial that you engage your students from the moment class starts, otherwise, you may as well be teaching at a brick wall. Keeping them engaged is also tricky, but I am here to help.

ESL Games: TV Game Show Challenges

You can find ESL games in almost any place. Have you been watching any good shows recently? I’ve noticed a ton of great new gameshows on TV these days.

Storytelling Classes

Storytelling classes can be a lot of fun, and very educational, if done the right way. When was the last time you heard someone regale an epic yarn? Do you remember those nights around the campfire telling scary stories? Or maybe it was a friend who told you a funny story about their last trip to the grocery store.

Tips for ESL Reading

Finding tips for ESL reading classes can be hard, so I have compiled some of my top tips to help. Have you ever opened a book, read a couple pages, and had your mind trail off to your to-do list? Maybe you put the book down for a while and tried to come back to it later or maybe it went right back on the bookshelf.

6 Things Holding Back Creativity in Class

Creativity in class is a tricky thing. You can’t simply tell your students to be more creative, or to come up with a new idea. The harder you push someone to be creative, the more likely they are to shut down and resort to familiar and safe thoughts.

ESL Games In Your Korean Classroom

Playing ESL games in your Korean classroom is important, it helps to deliver the material in a really engaging way and also helps to connect more with your students whilst also teaching them.

Writing Classes for ESL Students

Writing classes for ESL students can be fraught with challenges and frustrations for both you and your students. Despite those challenges, writing is an essential skill that your students need to be comfortable with. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts for ESL teachers to help your ESL students develop their writing skills.