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Teaching Schedule in Korea

My teaching schedule in Korea is with the EPIK program and it is amazing. I’m 27 years old and have been working ever since my 16th birthday. 10 plus years working, 5 of which have been professional, and never have I had a job where I’ve gotten this much time off while STILL getting paid.

Teaching Advanced ESL Students

Teaching advanced ESL students can at times be intimidating – if your students are already holding complex conversations and have a strong grasp of grammar and a large vocabulary, what do they need a teacher for?

ESL Creative Writing Projects

ESL creative writing projects are a fun way to get kids interested in writing. Writing is one of those things that kids either seem to love or hate. And those that hate it always greet writing assignments with a groan and endless complaints.

Teacher Pledge

The teacher pledge is something that all teachers should make when beginning a new year at school. For me, it’s here in full-swing again, the start of a brand new school year!

Beginning the School Year

With the first day of school coming up for many teachers, new and old, there are always a few important facts to consider before starting off.

Introducing the Olympics

The Olympics are not only a semblance of international community but also insanely fun to watch! The athletes are the best of the best in their sport—they’ve practiced for many years and are a great example for anybody. Why not bring the Olympics into your classroom through some fun games or lessons?

ESL Parent Support

ESL parent support can be a vital tool for managing your class. Perhaps you have a student who is shining in the classroom or maybe a student who is doing somewhat the opposite—it’s always nice to have parental support in the classroom.

Montessori Schools Part 2

Montessori schools are fast becoming a popular educational system for parents to put their children through. In my last article, I briefly covered what exactly Montessori means and what a Montessori classroom looks like.