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5 Must-Try Summertime Korean Treats

Summer sunshine has finally arrived in Korea, which gives us residents an exact 2 week window before the heat and humidity begin to crush our spirits. If there’s anything that’s true about Korea, it’s that the seasons are extreme. Before I retire to my apartment for the next 2 months where I will create a dark, cool bat cave in which to hide out from the oppressive weather, I’ll give you some helpful tips on which Korean summertime icy treats will help cool you off with their tasty flavors.

10 Things Korea Does Better (Part 2)

Let’s go ahead and jump right into part 2 of the 10 things Korea does better! Remember, these are my picks, so if you have different choices, write it in a comment below! I’d love to know what unique things you love and will miss about Korea when it’s your time to go!

10 Things Korea Does Better (Part 1)

During the time I’ve spent in Korea, it’s been easy to point out all the differences from my own culture back home. Whilst some differences I wouldn’t mind living another day without experiencing – like jumping out of the way of a crazy ajumma riding her motor scooter on the sidewalk – there are some things Korea does that I think are fantastic.

5 Things Korea Does Differently

After living in Korea for 10 months, I’ve gotten pretty used to all the little idiosyncrasies. There are a few though that still stand out when I think of how much they differ from my own bringing up back home. This list is a small compilation of the differences that stand out to me the most, but I’m sure the list would look different written by another expat. We all observe the world as it relates to our own personal little worlds. Here is my list of 5 Things Korea Does Differently. Enjoy!

Packing For Korea: Boys

I had to do a bit of polling and stalking various expat groups on Facebook to compile a list of what boys should bring for their big move to Korea. I think I’ve got a pretty good rough outline, but I think asking perhaps other male expats and doing a bit more research would be wise – unless, of course, you trust me completely, dear friend. I’d never steer you wrong, anyhow! I did my best to compile as much information as I could about what guys should bring to Korea. Happy packing!

How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Several years back, I joined the gym with the purpose of putting on muscle mass. I was eating a lot of calories and going through a disciplined routine. And it was working. Until the summertime came. My job took me out of town for weeks at a time where I was at the mercy of other people’s cooking and other people’s schedules. I lost what I gained and learned an important truth: Staying fit isn’t something you do once and done. It’s a lifestyle and a daily choice.

10 Tips For A South Korean Spa (Part 2)

The second part of my tips is here to shed more insight on Korean spas just in time for the stifling warm weather that’s approaching! I’ve got another 5 awesome bits of information to share so that you can navigate a Korean spa with confidence and grace – as much confidence and grace as you can muster while walking around buck naked anyway. Let’s get started so we can get your behind to a spa as quickly as possible!

10 Tips For A South Korean Spa (Part 1)

As I wrote in my article Korean Apartments: Back To Basics , there are unfortunately no tubs in Korean bathrooms. However, if you’re a brave enough expat you can get your scrub-a-dub-dub on at a Korean spa for that extra squeaky clean. There are too many differences between Korean and Western spas to name in one article, so I’ve taken the 10 most crucial bits of info on Korean spas and broken them down into two easily digestible articles for you. Enjoy today’s top 5 tips, and check back here for another 5 next week!