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Korea’s Hottest Summer Trends

The three things you’ll quickly learn to be true while living in South Korea go as follows: kimchi is a cure all, your elders must be respected without question, and a beautiful face can get you through any tough situation. With these three nuggets of wisdom, I’d say having a beautiful face is the most important.

Korean Cosmetics: A Beginner’s Guide

If there’s one thing I’ve been turned onto in Korea (besides blunt bangs) that I’m positively obsessed with it’s beauty products and beauty chains. They’re absolutely amazing – which is hardly a surprise considering Korean women and men have envious perfect porcelain complexions. For the longest time I’d thought their smooth skin was a matter of genes, and I sulked that I hadn’t won the gene lottery.

Advice From Veteran Expats

Moving date is looming closer, and I bet nerves, excitement, and other strange emotions are beginning to run rampant throughout your pretty head. Don’t worry, future expat, you’re not the only one who has had doubts and worries right before leaving your comfort zone for a year. The current expats in Korea, myself included, would like to offer you some sound advice on everything and anything expat and South Korea related.

How To Be Frugal In South Korea

One of the best things about teaching in Korea is the pay. We’re all friends here, so we can go ahead and say that the nice paycheck we get monthly from EPIK is definitely one of the perks and main reasons some expats never leave Korea. I was already at the ripe age of 25 when I first moved to Korea, so I’d already had a string of jobs under my belt and some experience with handling my money. However, all of my money saving ways went out the window the moment I moved to South Korea.

5 Awesome Korean Summer Festivals

Summertime in Korea has so much to offer to those looking for some seasonal entertainment. One of my favorite things about Korea is the festivals here. They’re usually big, flashy, and always done right. Although there are countless fun and interesting festivals occurring all throughout Korea during this time of year, I’m here to share my favorite 5 with you.

Falling Back In Love With Korea

My obsession with blogs about living in Korea hit an all-time high the month before making the move myself. I scoured the Teacher Blogs tabs here on Reach To Teach and daily checked every single one of them for updates. What I found at times was a bit disheartening. Many expats had a blog post dedicated to a subject I was convinced I’d never come face to face with: life in Korea can become dull.

5 Must-Try Summertime Korean Treats

Summer sunshine has finally arrived in Korea, which gives us residents an exact 2 week window before the heat and humidity begin to crush our spirits. If there’s anything that’s true about Korea, it’s that the seasons are extreme. Before I retire to my apartment for the next 2 months where I will create a dark, cool bat cave in which to hide out from the oppressive weather, I’ll give you some helpful tips on which Korean summertime icy treats will help cool you off with their tasty flavors.

10 Things Korea Does Better (Part 2)

Let’s go ahead and jump right into part 2 of the 10 things Korea does better! Remember, these are my picks, so if you have different choices, write it in a comment below! I’d love to know what unique things you love and will miss about Korea when it’s your time to go!