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10 Super Fun Things for A Typhoon Day In Taiwan

10 Super Fun Things for A Typhoon Day In Taiwan

Rainy days can be a drag no matter where in the world you are. They put a damper on fun outdoor plans, create havoc on frizz-prone locks (I look like that scary purple minion with frizzy hair during typhoon days in Taiwan). They drench you no matter how big your umbrella is; damn that sideways rain. Singing in the rain? No, more like staying indoors and crying of boredom while it rains. Those special little typhoon days off work don’t have to turn into Netflix marathons in pajamas, though, and even if they do, there’s no judgment here. I love a good lazy afternoon, but after a couple of days of Friends reruns and Top Ramen, I begin itching for something a little more fun. These are my go-to ideas for typhoon days. Feel free to steal any you might like. 1. Typhoon slumber party! Before the weather gets awful and scary, invite your friends to come over for a boozy slumber party. Add in greasy takeout, junk food, and a pitcher of rum hurricanes (I couldn’t find a drink recipe named Typhoons, sorry) and you’ve got yourself a night of fun. In strict confidence here, my friends and I […]

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