10 Super Fun Things for A Typhoon Day In Taiwan

10 Super Fun Things for A Typhoon Day In Taiwan

Judith Villarreal in South Korea

Rainy days can be a drag no matter where in the world you are. They put a damper on fun outdoor plans, create havoc on frizz-prone locks (I look like that scary purple minion with frizzy hair during typhoon days in Taiwan).

Typhoon Saola floods Manila.They drench you no matter how big your umbrella is; damn that sideways rain. Singing in the rain? No, more like staying indoors and crying of boredom while it rains.

Those special little typhoon days off work don’t have to turn into Netflix marathons in pajamas, though, and even if they do, there’s no judgment here.

I love a good lazy afternoon, but after a couple of days of Friends reruns and Top Ramen, I begin itching for something a little more fun. These are my go-to ideas for typhoon days. Feel free to steal any you might like.

1. Typhoon slumber party!

Before the weather gets awful and scary, invite your friends to come over for a boozy slumber party. Add in greasy takeout, junk food, and a pitcher of rum hurricanes (I couldn’t find a drink recipe named Typhoons, sorry) and you’ve got yourself a night of fun.

In strict confidence here, my friends and I catch up on our guilty pleasure shows (ABC’s The Bachelorette, anyone?).

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2. Scary movie night with candles

Pansies should skip this one. For us brave expats, scary movie nights are an obvious choice of entertainment during typhoons. Light the candles, grab the wine and popcorn, and keep the holy water handy because you’re in for a night of ghoulish thrills.

Oh, and did I mention the wine already? Most of my ideas for typhoon days involve some sort of booze. Deal with it.

3. Pinterest projects

I’m one of those people who have a million different Pinterest boards of DIY projects that I swear I will do over the weekend. Yeah, suffice it to say that they never get done or even started.

My boards and pins just pile up until there are too many to even go through or remember, much like my Gmail inbox. Hm, I’m starting to see a procrastination trend here. Anyway, typhoon days are perfect for unleashing your creative genius to create those fun projects you’ve been meaning to do.

4. Pizza and beer delivery

During the wet season, you’ll see tons of restaurants on Facebook letting hungry customers know that they’re still open for business. Delivery is usually a safe bet too.

Skip your cup o’ noodles, and indulge in comforting junk foods. Oh, and there’s a bunch of restaurants that do beer deliveries too! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get your paws on beer or liquor. Isn’t Taiwan amazing?

5. Research for your next vacation

Take the free time you’ve got on your hands, and start researching your next travel spot. Because I’m a huge fan of lists, I like to create fun bucket lists of where to go, what to see, and, most importantly, what to eat during my travels.

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Take my advice, though, and do your research on getting into and out of the country. Yours truly learned a hard lesson this year that involved poor research, a canceled trip to India, and a redirected flight to the US. Dreams were shattered this year, and all because I didn’t do proper research for my travel plans.

6. Pick up a new hobby

In the Age Of Information, it’s baffling to watch a person shrug in response to the question, “What do you like to do for fun?” You’ve got nothing? Seriously? There are online tutorials and how-to books (that you can instantly download onto your Kindle) covering everything under the sun, and you have zero hobbies?

I don’t care if you decide to learn how to do bird mating calls or create jewelry out of aluminum foil, just learn something. What better time than when you’re stuck at home during a typhoon?

7. Prank your friends

After your friends go home, tired from your scary movie marathon, call your friends and whisper, “7 days.” Even though they’ll know it’s you, they’ll probably still get spooked.

Just don’t ever do this to me because I have no problem ending our friendship. Yeah, I can dish it and can’t take it. Got a problem with that?

8. Head out for a night on the town

Cabs rides in Taiwan are cheaper than a bag of candy corn after Halloween (not that I would know); take one downtown for a night of dancing and boozing. Don’t let a silly rainy day dampen your fun or sweet dance moves.

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9. Reorganize your living space

One of the most productive things to do is to go through your living space during typhoon days. I like to have big boxes handy so I can create donation piles of old clothes, books, and other odds and ends I no longer use.

Come moving day, you’ll be incredibly thankful that you did this during the typhoon days instead of just eat cereal in your underwear while watching TV.

10. Catch up on your favorite blogs

Seems you already have the right idea as you’re reading this amazing blog post!

Taiwan expats, what do you do to keep the rainy day blues away during typhoons? Share your answer with other travelers in a comment below!


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