Taiwan Spring Time Bucket List

Taiwan Spring Time Bucket List

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Now that spring is in full swing in Taiwan, it’s time to unpack sundresses and sandals. Andy Williams may have sung that winter was the most wonderful time of the year, but that man didn’t live in Taiwan.

IMG_7662He doesn’t know about the polarizing rainy, cold, and sometimes humid weather here. No, in Taiwan, spring is the most wonderful time of the year. Now that sunshine and sunscreen are here to stay, these are the 18 best things to add to your bucket list during explorations in Taiwan this spring.

1. Eat shaved ice

Baobing is a traditional Chinese treat that is prepared with a nice big hunk of shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrup, and fresh fruit toppings. After an entire season of hot desserts, shaved ice is a nice treat.

2. Tea picking

Take a tea picking tour on Alishan Mountain. Some establishments in the area offer fun DIY activities with freshly picked tea like baking teacakes, dyed arts and crafts, and handmade green tea jelly.

3. Butterfly viewing

Known as the Butterfly Kingdom, Taiwan has gorgeous hiking trails where beautiful species of winged creatures dwell.

4. Island hopping

Choose one of Taiwan’s outlying islands and book a quick plane ticket to visit for a day.

5. Scenic bike riding

Qixing Lake Binhai Bicycle Road is great for getting a good bike exercise while taking in scenic views.

6. See a unique Buddha memorial

The new Fo Guang Shan Buddha memorial is unlike any other because of its presentations of music and dance. The modern main hall has restaurants and coffee shops for a midday pick-me-up. No need to pack lunches and energy drinks for this tour.

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7. Take in art at the Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung

If art is your thing then you must check this out, lots of interesting pieces on display. A perfect way to spend a springtime afternoon.

8. Drink some brews at Taiwan’s first ever brewery Jianguo Beer Factory

It’s cultural, and there’s beer involved.

9. Mountain trekking

Pack a nice lunch, lace up your Nikes, and head to a mountain – any mountain. Seriously, it doesn’t matter which one you pick because Taiwan has gorgeous lush hiking trails.

10. Visit a traditional Hakka village in Wulai

Wulai is a beautiful part of Taiwan located in the south of Taipei. Be sure to check out the Hakka village, surrounded by mountains, rivers, waterfalls and even hot springs to enjoy.

11. Get a sugar rush

Visit the Taiwan Sugar Museum in Kaohsiung for a nice view of old factories that made sweets. Enjoy a Popsicle from vendors in the area.

12. Learn something new at the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan

Taiwan is a shaky place, with tectonic plates rubbing nearby you can often feel the odd rumble. Visit this museum to find out more about Taiwan’s history with earthquakes.

13. Taste egg pudding in a shell

Delicious egg pudding tastes like sweet custard. The chain How Sweet Bakery actually sells the tasty pudding in eggshells.

14. See the golden waterfalls at Jinguashi

The combination of regular rainfall in this mining area and the abundance of heavy metal elements in the riverbed make for a golden appearance in the waterfalls.

15. Visit the yin yang sea on the Northern Coastal Road

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Also known as the sea of two colors, this phenomenon of nature is created by the blues of the ocean and the minerals that leaked from an old mining company (now shut down).

16. Release a sky lantern at Shi Fen Old Street

Located in the Jiufen area in northern Taipei this small town offers tourists the opportunity to create and release your own personalized sky lantern.

17. Go out to a ball game

But don’t expect anyone to buy you Cracker Jacks in Taiwan.

18. Walk through a sea of flowers at the Daxi Flower Ocean Farm in Taoyuan County.

Nothing says spring like flowers, and at this place there are flower fields galore. Go, be free, run amongst the flowers and giggle, it’s Spring!

If you’ve visited Taiwan in the spring, what activities would you add to this list? Share your answer with other travelers in the comment section below!

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