5 South Korean Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

5 South Korean Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Judith Villarreal

As we move further and further into the technological age we are finding more and more ways of keeping in touch and share our lives with the world. One avenue for sharing is Instagram. Not everybody uses this snapshot tool to post just selfies, some people have taken to putting a specific focus to their accounts. Below are 5 of the best accounts to follow that will give you an insight into life in Korea. 

#seoulnight #seoul #night #korea1. Photography

Seoul_stateofmind is an account owned by Ken Lee who is a teacher, photographer, blogger, and self-diagnosed Oreo and coffee addict. His Instagram account is followed by nearly 6.5K people who visit his page daily to get a good view of what it’s like to live in South Korea through Ken’s eyes. With his minimalist style of photography, he creates gorgeous pieces with the subjects varying from Korean handmade popsicles to street art he finds on his walks to school. Ken’s Instagram account falls on our number 1 spot today because of his never ending dedication to capturing all things Korean in the beautiful city of Seoul.

2. Lifestyle

With over 400 photos posted and a fan base of 2.1 K followed, The_Hind is a Korean lifestyle Instagram account to envy. Simple photos of Korean strawberries, rose gardens, painted pumpkin patches, and fresh vegetable markets pop all over the Qatar native’s page making followers from around the world envious of the simplistic lifestyle of Korea. Using filters that give each photo a bit of a faded feel, this account makes living in rural Korea glamorous.

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3. Food[contextly_sidebar id=”LqSCFD6YorsBizokB8edRtNrqpPOtZPV”]

Food_Korea should come with a warning pop-up on the account’s page declaring, “Warning! Do not browse if hungry.” Seriously, it’s unfathomable how a single Instagram account can have such a strong influence on my rumbling tummy. You know that rule about never going grocery shopping on an empty stomach? The same rule applies to this account that boasts pics of Korean food including steaming kimchi stews, roasted meats on pikes, and creamy ice creams topped with the works. This account makes eating an art form, and I, for one, would kill to be under the apprenticeship of Food_Korea. With only 207 photos, Food_Korea has over 47K fans, proving that quality is indeed more important than quantity.

4. Lifestyle

HyunSun_Ryu is a South Korean native, and quite possibly one of the most chic girls living in Korea. Her photos are snippets of her everyday life which she shares with her 304 followers. Whether she’s sipping espresso in a stylish Korean cafe or taking in some art with a gorgeous date, this girl knows how to live her incredibly trendy life to the fullest. With over 655 photos on her lifestyle account and counting, this independent woman has no intention of slowing down her feed and aims to showcase her favorite Korean spots.

5. Fashion

If there is any one place in the world with the trendiest people roaming the streets, Seoul is definitely number one, and Solsolstreet plans on sharing that information with the world. Solsolstreet is a trendy Seoul based street fashion photographer account with over 15K followers. The account already has over 829 posts of stylish men and women showcasing their individual style. Solsolstreet tends to prefer putting the spotlight on more unique and edgy styles than the more often than not bubblegum sweet style that seems to have an iron grip on Korean youth. Instead of sweet dresses with peter pan collars being featured, you’ll find girls rocking studded leather jackets, unkempt wavy hair, and oversized men’s wear inspired blazers. If this Instagram account could be described in one word, it would be “innovative.”

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The popularity of SolSolstreet is quickly spilling over into its sister account, Solsolmenswear, dedicated solely to men’s street style. With a slight gritty and raw feel to each photo, the account loves to showcase their own line of caps and t-shirts. This account is even more edgy than the original with photos of tattooed men smoking cigarettes or hanging out by street art. This account is worthy of following if only for the sexy man eye candy (sans the cigarettes).

Bonus: Chasing Glitter

You didn’t really think I’d leave out my own account, did you? Although my kimchi land days are behind me, I still have many photos of my favorite spots in South Korea that get uploaded daily along with other pics of my Asian travels. Follow me!

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