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7 Fun Facts About Taiwan’s Hot Springs

Here’s a quick little mini-lesson on the gorgeous natural hot springs in Taiwan. Readers beware: if you’ve never visited Taiwan before, this list will make you want to jump on the next plane out. You’ve been warned.

8 Ways To Spot A Newbie In Taiwan

It’s funny thinking back on all the little social faux pas I made on a daily basis during my first few weeks in Taipei, and I certainly wish someone had been able to spot me in a crowd and lend a helping hand, especially when I was lost in the city.

7 Fun Facts About Stinky Tofu

In 16 days, I will join the numbers of brave men and women who plugged their noses and dove face first into a bowl of stinky tofu. Wish me luck, friends.

10 Habits To Leave In Taiwan

After an entire year of daily practices, it’s going to be arduous to simply drop the habits I’ve picked up – these 10 listed especially.

Taiwan Boutique Shopping Guide

Usually run by thin, gorgeous, and impossibly chic young women, the boutiques of Taipei are not to be missed when you’re aching for a little retail therapy. Although the selections are usually great, buyers beware: there are Taiwanese boutique shopping rules to be learned.

10 Tips For Dating in Taiwan

As flowery summer dresses and oversized sunglasses come out, it’s the perfect atmosphere for dating. If you happen to find yourself head over heels for a person in Taiwan, then keep these 10 tips in mind as you begin your pursuit. (Consider me your Cupid!)

7 Taiwanese Gift Giving Superstitions and Rules

After a little research and help from my Taiwanese students (they say hello, by the way), I’ve got this whole gift giving business in Taiwan down to a tee. I’m glad I learned these before making a social faux pas á la British minister Lady Kramer. Listen and learn, traveler friends:

Things My Past Self Should Know Before Moving To Taiwan

Before moving to Taiwan, I thought I had it all figured out since previously living in Korea. My smug past self confidently packed a suitcase and prepared for the new adventure. At the time I was quite unaware, of course, that I was being a complete moron in my assumptions about what I needed, didn’t need, and should know about living in Taiwan. If only I could go back in time, I’d leave a letter marked “Urgent” to myself containing these 10 tips.