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A Style Guide To The Korean Office: Men

Handsome gents, it’s your turn for a style guide to the Korean office. After polling the male expat group, I’ve come up with a neat list to help you put your best foot forward. There’s no longer any need to stress over what to wear at the office!

20 Reasons To Teach In South Korea In Your 20’s (Part 2)

If street food, a free apartment, free airfare, and all the compliments you can handle weren’t enough reasons to get you to pack your things and head over to the land of delicious kimchi, then here for your enjoyment are 10 more reasons to get your awesome 20 something year old self over to Korea!

20 Reasons To Teach In South Korea In Your 20’s (Part 1)

As of late, I’ve seen tons of articles circulating the internet toting the best reasons to travel in your 20’s and other travel posts geared at the younger generation of college grads. It got me thinking about that age group, which I’ll only be able to call my own for a couple more years, and how traveling really does affect a young mind.

Networking At EPIK Orientation

Fall EPIK orientation is just weeks away and now that you have your packing list and last minute tips from my previous articles, we can begin to focus on another good idea to keep in mind during your time at orientation: networking. I know on top of all the other things going through your mind the thought of networking might seem furthest from important, but it really does have its advantages.

10 Things Korea Does Better (Part 2)

Let’s go ahead and jump right into part 2 of the 10 things Korea does better! Remember, these are my picks, so if you have different choices, write it in a comment below! I’d love to know what unique things you love and will miss about Korea when it’s your time to go!

4 Misconceptions About Teaching In Korea

Wanting to make sure that I was fully prepared to immerse myself in a brand new culture, I scoured countless blogs, websites and forums looking for information pertaining to the big move. The number of articles I stumbled upon was overwhelming to say the least. Thousands of blogs and pages popped up, and all of them had at least one article carrying the self-proclaimed title “Everything You Need To Know About Moving To South Korea!”

8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School (Part Two)

Judith Villarreal is back with her second installment of her covering 8 ways to start well at your new school in South Korea.

“Dear Future EPIK Teacher, I understand the nerves you must be feeling right now. Believe me, I do. To add a new country, language, and culture onto your list of changes to come soon, you also have to add a brand new work environment. Hopefully you read part one of the 8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School. Get your printer ready to print off my second half of awesome tips!”

Korean Apartments: Back To Basics

You’ve got your plane ticket in hand, you’ve said all your good byes for the time being, and you’re now staring at the empty suitcases you need to pack for your year in South Korea. You’ve already bought a year’s supply of your favorite candies and comfort foods. After you check off clothes, treats, and deodorant, however, you’re left wondering what exactly you should expect in your new Korean apartment.