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Hiking In Taiwan

Your time abroad isn’t all about teaching. You’ve got to get out and play, too. And if you’re anything like me, the lure of the mountains will have you out exploring and hiking in Taiwan as often as you possibly can. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or completely new to it, and whether you’re looking for a quick half-day jaunt through dense, muggy jungles or a multi-day expedition up an epic snowy peak, Taiwan is truly a hiker’s paradise.

Blog Carnival: 5 Benefits Of Slow Travel

So what is slow travel? It can come in a number of different forms but generally it means not trying to cram in the whole Thailand experience in just 2 weeks or getting the full Bali experience in just a month. Slow travel means staying in one place as an expat for a while, some people do this through teaching, volunteering or other avenues like being a scuba instructor. I have been a slow traveler for a while now and below are my 5 benefits of this culturally rich lifestyle I have dedicated myself to.

Travel Inspiration Series: Emily Sharp

I recently caught up with a good friend of mine who currently calls Central America home. Emily is a different person than when I first met her nearly 10 years ago. Her friendship has shaped me and her journey continues to inspire me. JG: Emily, you and your husband are on quite an adventure. Tell…
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Travel Inspiration Series: Zoe Tuckey

One of my favorite aspects of travel is the friendships I build with fascinating people from all over our sweet world. Zoe is one of those friends who inspire me as a writer, a traveler, and a lover of life. I had a chance to chat with Zoe about some of her experiences and I walked…
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Unexpected Journeys of Travel

We stepped onto Australian soil an hour before the New Year’s fireworks. We had friends here. We had a place to stay. We had a timeline for our stay. We had absolutely no idea about anything else. Where would we work? What would this year as temporary residents involve? Who would we meet? How would…
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Travel Inspiration Series: Drew Potts

I love hearing people’s stories of why and where they travel, and how traveling transforms who they are. I sat down with my friend Drew, a seasoned traveler and student of wisdom, to talk about his life journey thus far.

Books to Spark the Travel Flame

Because there is literally no end to the books that inspire us. And that’s kind of the point. Books transport us to places near and far, fathomable and fictional. Captivation first grows in our imagination. Then, the really good books, the ones that matter to us, may actually blossom into more than just words on a page, but words which spark a travel flame.

Location, Location, Location: Inspirational Travel Movies by Continent

Your DVD shelf is packed with good movies shot in all kinds of exotic locales. But how many have motivated you to get out and see them for yourself? With no claims of superiority or comprehensiveness by any stretch, here are some of my favorite stories which ignite a flame for travel under my cush tush.
What are some of yours?