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Appreciating South Korea

I have to be very honest: I wasn’t very joyful during my first few weeks living in Daegu, South Korea. In fact, I was upset, frustrated, and annoyed more often than I was happy. While all my friends were experiencing their ‘honey moon’ phase, I was feeling defeated. There were three things that helped me get out of my funk and start enjoying my time here, two fold.

10 Things To Do On A Budget In Singapore

Singapore has a reputation for being quite a pricy place to visit, but this isn’t always the case. Stephanie Long brings us this amazing article about 10 things to do on a budget in Singapore.

5 Reasons You Will Love Your Life Abroad

Living abroad is one of the most exhilarating and life changing experiences a person can have, and those of us who are lucky enough to have the experience can attest to the positive changes expats can go through while living in another country.

Blog Carnival: New Year Travel Resolution

Having the ability to speak the language in Taiwan, or in any location, will open up your experience so much more. I have lost count of how many times I have felt on the outside of a conversation being had in mandarin by my friends or people I know here. Jokes will be told that I don’t get, plans will be made that I hear about afterwards, locations exist that I cannot find. Worse than all of this is feeling like a burden to a group who want to speak mandarin but they have to keep explaining everything to me in English. I hate being that guy.

10 Christmas Gifts For Your Expat Friend (Part 2)

Ho, ho, ho! Good will to you, dear friends of expats! In case you missed the first part of my amazing Christmas gift so you can send your friend abroad the perfect present, you can find part 1 of this awesome gift list here.

5 Peaceful Places In Singapore

Singapore is a bustling city where sometimes the pace never slows down. While there are many sources of amusement here, there are also great places to relax. Read on for some of my favorite places.

6 Strange Places In South Korea

If you’re a person who enjoys escaping the mundane and ordinary tourist attractions, then this is definitely the list for you. Far from usual, these places located throughout South Korea have made headlines for being strange and unique.

Interview With Sara Moulton: An American Teacher In Singapore

This week we bring you a special edition to our teacher interviews. I introduce to you Sara Moulten, who has been living and teaching in Singapore this past year. Transitioning from the island life of New Jersey to the island life of Singapore has had its differences, she tells all here.