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Island of Taiwan: Taitung Part 3

The island of Taiwan series is back once again with its third installment of the Taitung (Taidong) series; a location teeming with natural beauty and delicious eats. Whether you are here to teach for a year or just passing through, Taitung should be on your hit list.

Island of Taiwan: Taitung Part 2

The island of Taiwan series continues with the second part of the Tatung trip below. Check out the rest of my “island of Taiwan” series on the Reach to Teach blog to find out more about this beautiful island.

Guide to Jiufen

Jiufen is probably my most favorite travel location in Taiwan. The location inspired the setting to one of my favorite movies, ‘Spirited Away’. If you were like me, you thought this location must be some exotic Chinese or Japanese location– absolutely not! Taiwan has some of the best-hidden gems for travel!