Why You Need to Start a Travel Blog (And a Few Tips How)

Why You Need to Start a Travel Blog (And a Few Tips How)

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I’ve never been skiing in the Swiss Alps. Nor ridden a camel through the Sahara. I’ve never gone paragliding over the Grand Canyon. I’ve never trekked the stairs of Machu Picchu. Nor have I explored the wreckage of the Titanic.

But you may have.

Girl using computer

Girl using computer. Photo by PictureYouth

I may not have even thought about it before. It may be that you don’t count your experiences as note-worthy. Maybe you think there is little worth sharing concerning your days. But I’m fascinated by the stories people choose to tell with their lives. Those stories inspire me to choose better ones for myself.

And it’s why you need to start a travel blog.


Your Perspective is Invaluable

Everyone travels in search of something. We choose unfamiliar sounds, indigestible food, and uncomfortable nooks to try and sleep in for no other reason than we believe there is value hidden somewhere in their midst. And no one can convince us to the contrary.

The secret is to discover that value, wrestle with him until he submits his understanding, and then articulate that understanding in some relevant way to the rest of the world. No matter how small you believe your voice to be, we need to hear what you have to say.

I need to know the story about the train ride from hell. I’m waiting to laugh alongside the comical misunderstandings which kept you lost in Paris for 6 hours. I want to be moved by the one where you were invited to a stranger’s funeral in India.

Because somewhere in those pictures and stories, you changed the course of history. You became a better person and it has radically altered the direction our bigger story is going. When you share those experiences, you pay that favor forward to the untold masses. And for a moment, we can rejoice alongside you, friend or stranger, for the pages you contribute to our shared narrative.

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For the Benefit of Others

Sitting behind a desk and lost in daydreams, it was travel blogs I took on as mentors for my own journey. Hundreds of them. They helped me decide what to take, where to go, how to prepare for leaving, and most importantly, made me believe this was all actually possible.

Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without their help. They paved the way for me to get here.

It’s been difficult for me to fully grasp that I can use my words to bring practical benefit to others. That I have something to offer. That this journey is about more than just me. But the sooner I become intentional about using my unique perspective to share something that matters, the more life and peace and hope my words can bring to those who are weary.

And that’s worth writing for.

As a Connection Point

It’s a natural phenomenon for us wanderers in the modern age. We want to share the view from where we are. To capture the sounds. To describe the aromas. To upset the status quo.

Travel blogs are in. And it’s something to be thankful for. A shared passion. A community of inspired sojourners. A gathering storm of insightful rebellion against mediocrity.

No matter the shape or size or level of commitment, your small corner of the internet will stand as a connection point for those whose paths you cross. The motivation behind travel is broad and untamed. The methods and decisions directing people’s footsteps are vast. The communities we plug into are life-changing for all involved. Travel blogs are another way to tap into those transformative communities.

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And just like the world needs our voice, we need to listen to the voices of others. We need to hear what they have to say.

There is gold in their offerings.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

There is a spring of latent talent inside you waiting to be tapped. From poetry to photographs, videos to paintings, to greater realms of social interaction. Whatever your niche, whatever sparks your smile, share that with us! The world is desperate for people coming fully alive.

Inspiration is contagious. Inspiration expressed well is nourishing to our spirits.

Not to mention, you are creating a growing skill set. Starting a travel blog is a great way to learn some things you might not know already. There are marketable skills in learning SEO, Photoshop, Javascript, Copy Writing, CSS, HTML and the like. The resources are there for you to become awesome at it then use that awesomeness to help you land your next job.

Who’s To Say Where It Leads?

Who knows?

You may find you’re really good at this whole blog thing. Maybe you kick it up a notch and make some money out of blogging? Maybe it funds your travels? Maybe the right people catch on to what you’re about and they have some opportunities they want to discuss?

Who’s to say?

Not that that’s why you get in it to begin with, but your travel blog can be whatever you make of it. At the least, those you love won’t feel completely abandoned. At the most, well, there really is no telling.

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Getting Started

There are many directions you can choose from here. Do you want something free and easy? Or pay a little more to get your own domain name? What about a fabricated template or something designed just for you? Are you casual or committed? Are you interested in earning revenue or just sharing with your inner circle?

There are great options for all of these. Here are a few resources that can walk you through that process:

Jeff Goins with The Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Own Blog

Darren Rowse with 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (if you are serious about this process and have a few dollars to spend)

Or check out the archives at ProBlogger.Net

It’s easier than ever to get a blog up and running with all the custom designs and personal touches your little heart can contain. Seriously, it can be yours in less than 10 minutes. The real challenge resides in the investment: consistency, clarity, quality. These are the formative characteristics you sign up for when you start a travel blog.

And it will change you. If you allow, it can reveal qualities in yourself you didn’t know were there. It can be a time capsule for your adventures or an indispensable tool for discovery and connection. The fact remains, though.

Your voice matters. So speak up.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Thanks, for this amazing sharing your provided information is very beneficial for all travelers and blog writers. I am a tourist and love to learning new things and experiencing new cultures. I also have a great interest in traveling blogging. I found this community awesome and I wish I’d discovered it sooner.

  2. Rachel says:

    Really interesting post. It’s definitely all about perspective – a blog post might be just to thing to pique someone’s interest, answer a burning question or just show a different way of looking at a certain experience. I hope my own musings will be of use to someone somewhere.

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