Teaching in Abu Dhabi – FAQs

Teaching English in Abu Dhabi – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – Updated June 2014

Teach Abroad - Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to cover as much as possible in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you feel that there is information missing from this page, please feel free to mail your suggestions to info@reachtoteachrecruiting.com.

Where is Abu Dhabi?

What are the main teaching options in Abu Dhabi?

How will I be paid?

How much will I be paid?

What is a typical teaching schedule in Abu Dhabi?

How early can I apply?

How late can I apply?

Can I apply even though I haven't yet received my diploma?

I can come to Abu Dhabi immediately. How soon can I arrive?

Can I pay off student loans on my salary?

What is the cost of living in Abu Dhabi?

Will I have health insurance?

Am I provided with housing?

How long are contracts in Abu Dhabi?

Do you place couples in Abu Dhabi?

How much vacation/holiday time will I have?

How is the food? Will I like it?

Is my flight to Abu Dhabi paid for or at my own expense?

How will I be able to obtain my working visa?

Can I break my contract?

How will I pay taxes as an American citizen abroad?

What is the tax rate in Abu Dhabi?

Where can I find more information about teaching and Abu Dhabi in general?

There are so many things to think about! Where do I start?

What happens when I arrive at the airport?

Useful Advice

  • Your RTT recruiter will send you copies of the documents that you’re expected to sign when you arrive in the UAE. Never sign anything that your recruiter hasn’t seen.
  • Never sign anything on the spot, no matter how much you are being asked to.
  • Make sure you sign a copy of your contract in Arabic and in English. Be sure to check the Arabic translation before you sign your contract, as the Arabic version is legally binding if there is a dispute.
  • Bring extra copies of passport sized photos. It’s not uncommon to go through at least a dozen photos, which will be used on documents that are related to your visa application, ID cards, and personal files.
  • All employment offers in Abu Dhabi are subject to your employer obtaining the proper labor visa from the Ministry of Labor in the UAE and a residence card from the Immigration Department of the UAE. These documents also depend on you being able to pass your government medical exam.



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