United Arab Emirates

Guide to Living and Teaching English in the UAE

We have compiled a list of topics for our United Arab Emirates Country Guide in order to better serve our teachers who are headed to this area to teach abroad. Please let us know how we’re doing and whether there are additional resources you’d like to see here. To do that, please write to info@reachtoteachrecruiting.com.

About the UAE

UAE Culture

The UAE is renowned for its cosmopolitan feel and acceptance of other cultures. It boasts a very unique socioeconomic culture which tends to be a lot more liberal than its neighbors within the Persian Gulf.

UAE History

Here is a timeline of the important dates and events that should be remembered in the history of the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Language

The predominant language in the UAE is Arabic.

UAE Weather

If you like the heat then you have come to the right place. The weather in the UAE offers a sub-tropical arid summer and warm winter weather.

Visit this page to see a map of the UAE and to learn about its neighbors.

UAE Etiquette

Although the UAE is a fairly modern place with great facilities and lots to do, it is still a country rich in religion and culture, and it is these aspects of the country which tend to govern what is and isn’t acceptable in public. It’s wise to know about etiquette.

UAE Cuisine

Traditional pillars of cuisine in the Emirati consisted of meat, grain, dairy and vegetables.

UAE Housing

One of the great benefits about being a teacher in the UAE is that accommodation is provided. An even greater benefit is that housing in the UAE tends to be pretty swanky. 

UAE Transportation

Here are some helpful tips and advice for using various means of transportation in the UAE.

Services in the UAE

Information on telephones in the UAE. What you need to know!

BankingAs English tends to be used as the language for business, you should have no problem with finding a bank that understands your language when trying to interact with a bank clerk. The good news is that banking in the UAE is fairly easy and straightforward, provided you have all the necessary documents ready.

Important Numbers

In the event of an emergency, please use these emergency numbers in the UAE to reach authorities. We’ve also include city area codes for your convenience.

Internet cafes can be found throughout major cities in the UAE.  To set yourself up with services for the Internet in the UAE, please refer to our Internet guide.


Here is some information on what you can expect from health care in the UAE.

UAE Embassies

Here is a list of foreign embassies in the UAE, should you ever need their services.

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