Are You A Blogger? Get the Reach To Teach Blogger Badge Today!

Are You A Blogger? Get the Reach To Teach Blogger Badge Today!

Reach To Teach Featured Blogger 2012Are you a super blogger?

In an ongoing effort to provide our reachers with up to date information about living and working abroad, Reach To Teach is turning to the experts to show you what life is like as an ESL teacher living abroad.

That’s why we’re bringing our latest digital Reach To Teach Blogger Badges to top notch blogs within our community!

Reach To Teach recognizes these bloggers for consistently writing informative, engaging and well written blog posts, and that’s why we’re honoring our favorite bloggers with these nifty badges. These digital badges are a sign of achievement and experience, allowing you to establish credibility, pride and passion in what you do.

How To Earn a Reach To Teach Blogger Badge

If you love teaching and traveling, get out there and post about it!

We’re always looking for unique and interesting content to offer our readers. We promote a number of our favorite blogs each month on our Community Blog as well as in our monthly newsletter and through our various social media networks.

If you’d like to join us, please send us a link to a recent post that you’ve written that you think our teachers and community would enjoy. If we like your idea, we’ll post your link on our website and in our monthly newsletter.

That means more traffic for you and great content for us. In our opinion, it sounds like a match made in heaven!

Send the link to your article and a brief explanation of your blog site to Carrie at

Once your site has been featured, you’ll receive a nifty badge from us that sets your site apart from the rest of the crowd.

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Featured Blogger 2012 – 250×115 Badge

Teach in Taiwan

Featured Blogger 2012 – 300X150 Badge
Teach in Taiwan

Featured Blogger 2013 300×150 
Teach in Taiwan

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