Author: Michaela Gray

Teaching at a University in China

The University in China that I am currently teaching at is far different to what I was doing before. My first job abroad was at a buxiban but I always wondered what the public schools and universities were like in Asia.

Entertainment in China: A Quick Guide

Entertainment in China is vast and interesting depending on where you are located and what your particular interests may be. The place is so huge that there should really be something for everyone.

First Week in China

My first week in China has been an interesting one, I decided to share with you, wonderful audience members, my experiences so far to try to prepare you a little for the rollercoaster that can be the first week.

Obtaining a Chinese Visa

I was heading to China the first ESL teaching go-around but never made it because my Visa didn’t work out—it turns out they changed a policy right before I was scheduled to head out. This time the policies did not change but it was still quite cumbersome. Here is my experience obtaining a Chinese Visa!

Teacher Pledge

The teacher pledge is something that all teachers should make when beginning a new year at school. For me, it’s here in full-swing again, the start of a brand new school year!

Introducing the Olympics

The Olympics are not only a semblance of international community but also insanely fun to watch! The athletes are the best of the best in their sport—they’ve practiced for many years and are a great example for anybody. Why not bring the Olympics into your classroom through some fun games or lessons?

Minquan MRT Station

Minquan MRT station is abundant with things to see and do and should certainly be high up on your visit list in Taipei.

ESL Parent Support

ESL parent support can be a vital tool for managing your class. Perhaps you have a student who is shining in the classroom or maybe a student who is doing somewhat the opposite—it’s always nice to have parental support in the classroom.