Author: Stephanie Long

Learning a Language Improves Teaching

One of the big perks of living abroad is the chance to study and fully immerse yourself in a foreign language. And while you probably won’t directly use your new knowledge of your students’ language in ESL class, there are a lot of reasons why learning a language improves teaching, they are as follows

Valentines and White Day in the ESL Classroom

Talking about Valentines and White day in the ESL classroom can be met with a number of reactions. Depending on the age of your students, talk of love and romance may be met with “Awww,” “Ewww.” Either way, Valentine’s Day is a huge part of our culture, and your students will love setting aside some time to have fun with it.

Different Learning Styles

Knowing about all the different ways that your students learn can help identify which learning styles your students have, and figure out how to reach those students who might not respond to auditory and visual teaching.

Change your Life with ESL Teaching

There is no denying it, you will change your life with ESL teaching. Most people who are looking into teaching English abroad aren’t looking for just a job; they’re looking for a life-changing adventure. And there’s no doubt at all that teaching in another country changes who you are and how you look at life. Here are a few ways that the adventure of teaching and living abroad shifted my perspective.

Writing Classes for ESL Students

Writing classes for ESL students can be fraught with challenges and frustrations for both you and your students. Despite those challenges, writing is an essential skill that your students need to be comfortable with. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts for ESL teachers to help your ESL students develop their writing skills.

Disagreeing With Your Co Teacher

Disagreeing with your co teacher can get you in hot water pretty quickly. Your co-teachers can be the biggest assets that you have in your ESL classroom. They know the students’ personalities and quirks; they can help translate anything you can’t quite seem to get across; they can communicate with parents when there is too much of a language barrier for you, and they support your lessons and classroom management.

Learn From Your Students

We often think that the role of a teacher is to impart wisdom and knowledge, but it’s easy to forget that learning goes both ways. Children can be our greatest teachers if we are willing to let them.

Pronunciation Issues for Chinese ESL Learners

English is a tough language for anyone to learn. While every ESL learner has his or her own unique challenges with the language’s sounds, spelling, and generally nonsensical grammar rules, there are certain challenges that you’ll find are more common than others.