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Blog Carnival: Travel Companions

This carnival post will not focus on the people I met along the way, as much as the past few paragraphs may have you think. Instead I shall be focusing on the person that was there with me for the most part of my travels. She has been my best friend for a very long time and it has been a roller-coaster of a time travelling with her, she is my very good friend, Hannah.

Blog Carnival: Teaching And Technology

Technology is a funny thing, it has grown and grown at a phenomenal speed and we constantly live in a world of progression where technology makes everything easier. But is that the case for teaching?

Blog Carnival: Learn From Your Mistakes

Making mistakes in teaching is all part of the learning curve. Teachers aren’t just pumped out of a TEFL course with all of the skills and knowledge base of a teacher that has been doing ESL for 20 years has. This is a skills based industry and we all know that skills aren’t just learnt from a textbook, they need to be planted in a classroom and watered with time. With enough nurturing you watch your teaching skills blossom and flourish. And even then, mistakes can still be made.

My Most Proudest Classroom Moment? Gaining A PA

Hello dear readers and welcome back to another installation of (cue trumpets) the Reach To Teach Blog Carnival. This month I’m going to take you back to my teaching days in Bali, Indonesia which was my first ever teaching position and share with you a tale about a young boy I used to teach, he was my first success story.

Change in Kubutambahan, North Bali

I used to live in Bali. I haven’t met many people on my travels that can say that they used to live there, many pass through and stay a little while but living there is different, it’s natures beauty blended with tourism’s destruction, it’s an island of contrast.

Interview With Maggie Attoe: An American Teacher in China

Introducing our latest interview from our Reach To Teach teacher Maggie Attoe. Maggie hails all the way from Wisconsin and is currently teaching English to young learners in China. Read on to hear more about her adventures in China, and what she feels are some of the positive and negative aspects of living there.

Teaching in Taiwan VS Teaching in Bali

Ever wondered what the differences are between teaching in Bali vs teaching in Taiwan? Dean Barnes talks about his experiences in both countries.