5 Reasons You’re Not Too Old To Travel

5 Reasons You’re Not Too Old To Travel

I recently received an email from a new traveler (let’s call her Emma) who is about to make her first trip to move abroad. My new friend Emma had many questions, which were the rather typical messages I usually receive.

Never let them weigh you downHer email was filled with questions about food and culture in Asia, but a certain comment that Emma made was very different from any question or comment I’ve received in an email. “I’m moving abroad at an older age by myself, and I feel like I might be too old for such an adventure,” Emma said.

That sentence got me thinking long and hard about age and how it relates to travel. My conclusion? It doesn’t matter one penny what age you are. If your heart tells you to travel, you must travel. Here are five reasons why you should book your plane ticket no matter your age:

1. There’s no expiration date on happiness

At 95 years old, Australian backpacker Keith Wright has backpacked all throughout Europe, staying in hostels with other travelers who are in their twenties. He claims that he always had itchy feet, but he didn’t begin his world travels until 85 years old.

If there is one thing the world’s oldest backpacker can teach us, it’s that there is no age limit or expiration date on happiness or dreams.

2. You should never stop learning

Just as you should never stop brushing your teeth or taking a shower, I believe that you should never stop learning. I tried to make learning something new a daily habit when I lived in my home country, but it’s much simpler to learn from the world around me in Asia than it is to learn from books while sitting at home.

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Traveling teaches you about the world, and more importantly it teaches you about yourself.

3. You shouldn’t be afraid to make bold decisions for fear of a mistake

You’re never too old to make bold decisions. If your heart is tugging you in a direction, don’t quiet it because you’re afraid. Instead, trust your heart. You’re bound to make mistakes along the way, but it’s better to make mistakes while doing something you love.

4. The gains far outweigh the risk

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times. The hardest part is getting on that plane. After that moment when you’re buckled in your seat and your plane lifts off the ground, your mindset changes. Once your nerves have settled, all you’ll see is the beauty in your decision.

5. Travel nourishes the spirit

You’ve read it everywhere because it’s true. Travel does something to a person. It changes them into a different person. It makes them more open, vulnerable, and somehow more loving.

You begin to appreciate things you never thought twice about before, like geography, language, food, and culture.  Traveling gives people the opportunity to appreciate more of the world.

If you’re an expat, what advice, encouragement, or anecdote would you share with a person traveling at an older age? Share your answer in a comment below.


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