RTT Taiwan February Event: Elephant Mountain

Still have things to cross off your “Things to do in Taipei” bucket list? I know I do. So for this month’s event, I’m taking us on a hike that’s right in the heart of our amazing city: Elephant Mountain. Elephant Mountain is just a short walk from the base of Taipei 101, …and about a twenty-minute hike up to the top. (Note: Even though it’s a short hike, it consists of mostly stairs… so be prepared). It will all be worth it once we make it to the viewing area; it’s supposed to be one of the BEST views of the city. We can then continue on and check out the rest of the hikes in that area, or we can end there and all get lunch together.

If anyone is interested in the hike but would rather go for sunset, let me know. It’s supposed to be packed with people on the weekends, especially at night, but if everyone would rather have night views of the city then we can definitely change the time!

When: Sunday, February 19th
Time: 12pm
Meet: Taipei City Hall MRT, Exit 2
Cost: Free, but bring $ for lunch if interested
Bring: Camera! Duh.

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