RTT Teachers: Lisa Vinish

RTT Teachers: Lisa Vinish

Lisa Vinnish - RTT TeacherWhen I ponder the fact that I’ve been in Korea for almost 5 months, I almost cannot believe it.  The time has gone by so fast, yet at the same time, I’m so comfortable that it sometimes feels like I’ve been here 5 years.  It’s a paradox.

I teach middle school in Busan, Korea.  I was initially expecting elementary school, and had my heart set on that age group, so when I found out I’d be teaching middle school I almost had a panic attack.  However,  five months into my job I’m SO eternally grateful I was given my last (yes, last) choice.  I love my students.  They are at the top of my ever-growing list of “things I will miss when I leave Korea”.  Though it’s not perfect and there are times I get incredibly frustrated, I really don’t think I could have been handed a better job.

I arrived in Busan at the end of August. It was hot, humid, and crowded. My apartment was the size of a shoebox and I didn’t know how I would ever get used to it. I was also afraid to use anything in my apartment, including washing machine, microwave, and television, since all the buttons looked the same and were labelled in Korean. I was terrified of taking the bus to school, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, eating in restaurants, and pretty much every day-to-day thing you never think twice about in your own country.

I’m now happy to report that I love my shoebox apartment.  It feels like home. I still don’t know how to work my washing machine and microwave. I wing it every time, but it works.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through my experience so far is that a positive attitude goes a long way.  I think it’s easy to get down and feel isolated when you’re living in a foreign country, even if there are other foreigners around, however through befriending Koreans and spending a lot of time with them, I’ve come to realize that we are more alike than not.  Knowing that has made the adjustment process that much easier and actually enjoyable.

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There is so much to do in Busan, and I have to admit I still love being a tourist.  There is always a random samgyupsal restaurant to try, or a noraebang open.  I volunteer a lot on the weekends and I’m a bit obsessed with studying Korean.  There’s never a reason to be bored here.  I enjoy every ounce of spare time I’m given, but I don’t live for it; I truly look forward to going to my job every day.   I can honestly say that moving to Korea is the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made.

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  1. Laura says:

    I love your story. Thank you for sharing. Could you please tell me what school you teach for? I want to move to Busan to teach ESL and I am currently researching schools and recruiting companies. Did you go through a recruiter? Do you live near the beach, which one? I would GREATLY appreciate any help/advice. I’m so happy that you are enjoying yourself. All the best!

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