Safe Asian Destinations For Women

Safe Asian Destinations For Women

For women who want to experience the beauty and diverse cultures of Asia but weren’t able to convince another gal pal to take the plunge with you, don’t fret. There’s no need to write off your dreams of travel just because you might have to fly and trek solo.

Rice Field Photographer - Wide CropWith the experiences and advice of other female travelers who have gone before you, not to mention all kinds of statistics, charts, data, and proof to back it up, there are numerous documented Asian destinations that are safe for women to travel. Obviously you want to visit a place that is rich in culture, not (too) expensive to travel through, and safe. So, add these 5 beautiful and safe Asian destinations to your bucket list when you begin plotting your adventures.

1. Hong Kong

This is perfect destination to experience the hustle and bustle of a big city while still getting the feel of a culturally rich area. Hong Kong is perfect for the girl traveler who isn’t a stranger to shopping sprees and enjoys her food. From roasted duck and pig to the famous Hong Kong style tea, there are plenty of food adventures that wait for female travelers in this beautiful city.

With a global safety ranking at number 6, Hong Kong is an ideal destination for females flying solo.

2. Taiwan

As a country whose top religions include Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, Taiwan is easily one of Asia’s safest places for female travelers to explore. Because the country practices tolerance toward all humans, it’s easy to feel safe while hiking through the lush jungles of Taiwan or roaming the lively night markets that offer a variety of tasty delicacies and unique trinkets.

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The list of things to do is endless, and, in fact, entire articles by yours truly have been dedicated to the beautiful and safe country.

3. Singapore

Although this city-state might have a very westernized feel to it, it’s hard to ignore the fact that a whopping 98% of citizens feel safe walking the streets of Singapore at night.

In truth, any travel experiences to a destination are what you make of them. This destination has beautiful architecture, extremely clean public areas, and a few of the strangest delicacies sold at hawker’s stands – frog porridge or turtle soup, anyone?

4. South Korea

The land of morning calm is full of rich history, delicious food, and boasts a high safety ranking on the global scale. Ranking at number 54, Korea is a beautiful place to visit for women who enjoy meat (sorry, vegetarians), coffee, and shopping.

The trendy country has both BBQ restaurants and themed cafes on every street corner. This is a place best reserved for extreme girly girl travelers because the entire country of Korea is doused in pink, cartoons, and cuteness. You’ve been warned.

5. Japan

This amazing destination is a great choice for women who want to experience a country with deep cultural roots. The things to do in the country are endless and diverse as one moves across the differing geographical regions. From hiking beautiful mountains to tea sipping beside geishas, Japan is a safe and fun destination that has much to offer a female traveler.

Remember, no matter which destination you’re exploring throughout the world, it’s always smart to practice safe traveling. Be sure to always research the country you’ll visit, and educate yourself about the safety issues, procedures, and laws in the country.

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Calling all women travelers: Which Asian destinations did you feel safest traveling through? Share you answers and safety tips with other female travelers in a comment below!

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