RTT Event – Sunset Hike up Elephant Mountain

Reach to Teach events are a great way for all of our teachers to meet and greet each other, as well as meeting the recruiters that they are working with. If you have just arrived in Taiwan this is a great way to make new friends. Been here for a while? Then come and enjoy a fun event. 

We like to mix up what the events are as we know that everyone has different ideas of fun, we have done shrimp fishing, KTV, and cycling events (amongst others). This month’s event was spent hiking one of the Four Beasts in the Four Beast mountain range of Taipei Taiwan. We decided to pick our time wisely so that we would catch the sunset.

We were blessed with a very clear and warm day, perfect for hiking in Taiwan, and even more perfect for seeing the cityscape change colour and light up as night comes. We all met as a group at XiangShan (Elephant Mountain) MRT stop and made our way through a picturesque park, passing traditional puppet shows, the elderly playing pai chou and children running and giggling to get to the base of the mountain.

We opted for Elephant Mountain, one of the four beasts that you can tackle, others include Lion, Leopard and Tiger. Click To Tweet All are named specifically based on their shape, for example, elephant mountain is a mound with a long extension coming from it, essentially like an elephant’s trunk.

Now, we started at the base and the sun already looked like it was getting low, so I think we panicked and almost ran to the top. The hike itself takes only around 20-30 minutes to the top, it is a fairly easy hike that is lined with stone steps. Once you get to the top there are three giant boulders to sit on and absorb Taipei in all of its beauty.

It turns out we didn’t need to rush, the sun was still way up by the time we reached the top and it was giving off a very warm and cosy glow as it was setting.

Below is a photo essay of our time heading up the mountain, relaxing on the viewing boulders, a little of nature and the sunset and then finally a meal at a delicious dumpling restaurant to finish.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike

A teacher stops for some shots of nature.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike

More picture moments as we hike up through the wilderness.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike   The sun is just peeking out through a recently fallen tree, likely caused by the latest typhoon.

Elephant Mountain Sunset HikeSmiles and sweat! It is a short but steep hike up. Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike We made it up on the rocks, a highly cultivated location at sundown. Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike

Reach to Teach teacher and staff enjoy some selfies on top of a rock.

Elephant Mountain Sunset HikeYou can see how busy it is at sundown, we were lucky to get up on the rocks.Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike The sun sets and we enjoy the views.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike
We were joined by a little friend, who took on three adults, and won!

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike
Sunset across Taipei

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike

As the sun goes down it starts to paint the sky.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike
Last little view before it falls below the mountains.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike

Night view of Taipei, the light make it sparkle.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike
Taipei 101 in all its glory.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike
Now we make the MRT journey to find food.

Elephant Mountain Sunset Hike
The hiking team, enjoying some well-deserved dumplings.

Stay tuned for more events from Reach To Teach, if you would like to come to one of our events then you are welcome to do so, just follow our Facebook page for event updates. Be sure to subscribe to our event page for the most up to date information.

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