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Beyond China’s Great Firewall – How to Get Uncensored Internet Access in China

One of the most common questions we get about teaching in China is “What about Facebook?” Most people know China restricts internet usage, but do you know how to get around it?

7 Tips For Living With Your Host Family

Living with a host family is a chance to understand your new home inside-out. It’s also a huge lesson in communication and understanding. Here are 7 tips for living with your host family abroad.

5 Reasons To Teach in Bangkok, Thailand

Following on the heels of her last article entitled 5 Things You Shouldn’t Expect While Teaching in Thailand, guest writer Andrea Emerson now writes about her top five reasons for teaching in Bangkok.

How To Survive Reverse Culture Shock

We all know what it feels like to walk into a new culture we know nothing about. Almost all of us have experienced culture shock. By the time we return to our home countries, the last thing on our mind is how different things might feel. You may have only been away for a year.…
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