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Why Rewards are More Important than Punishments

While trying to manage a classroom, most teachers’ first instinct will be to simply punish students for disruptive behaviors. There is definitely a space and a need for that – some behaviors are simply too disruptive or even dangerous to not address immediately and decisively. However, there are a lot of compelling reasons why rewarding and reinforcing good behavior is a far better long-term strategy than just using negative consequences.

A Quick Guide to Classroom Rules

It’s one thing to talk about establishing clear rules right from the start of class, but it’s another thing to implement them effectively. It’s crucial for classroom management, to have a simple set of rules that you enforce consistently and fairly.

10 Tips For Teaching Large Classes

Teaching large classes can be daunting if you’ve never stood in front of that many students before.  Ideally, ESL class sizes are fairly small.  Discipline is easier, and you can devote more resources and time to giving each student the attention that they need.  Things don’t always work out like that, though.  In many schools,…
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