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ESL Classroom Management Strategies

Because classroom management is such a complicated balancing act between being fun and nice, and being strict enough to give kids the structure they need, many teachers find that it’s one of the hardest aspects of teaching to master.

Things My Past Self Should Know Before Moving To Taiwan

Before moving to Taiwan, I thought I had it all figured out since previously living in Korea. My smug past self confidently packed a suitcase and prepared for the new adventure. At the time I was quite unaware, of course, that I was being a complete moron in my assumptions about what I needed, didn’t need, and should know about living in Taiwan. If only I could go back in time, I’d leave a letter marked “Urgent” to myself containing these 10 tips.

Safe Asian Destinations For Women

For women who want to experience the beauty and diverse cultures of Asia but weren’t able to convince another gal pal to take the plunge with you, don’t fret. There’s no need to write off your dreams of travel just because you might have to fly and trek solo.

Blog Carnival: Home Comforts

Living in Taiwan for three years has been such an amazing and enriching experience. I have been asked to write about how it has changed my home comforts, but what Taiwan has done is actually provided me with new home comforts I never had before.

Taiwan Spring Time Bucket List

Now that spring is in full swing in Taiwan, it’s time to unpack sundresses and sandals. Andy Williams may have sung that winter was the most wonderful time of the year, but that man didn’t live in Taiwan.

ESL Teaching Methods: Teaching Shy Kids

Just about everyone is shy sometimes. Especially in a new classroom, with a new teacher, a lot of kids need time to break the ice and get comfortable speaking up.

The 7 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From Around The World

As a travel and fashion blogger, I make it my business to know what beauty and fashions trends are red hot in other countries. During my research, I came across fascinating and bizarre beauty trends that other countries have created. I failed to see the appeal in some of them, but others I’m dying to try. These are the top 7 strangest beauty trends I found around the world.

3 Tips for Overcoming Your Fears of Living Abroad

When I first made the decision to move to Korea as an English teacher, fear hadn’t dawned on me yet. It wasn’t until I started telling my friends and family about my upcoming adventure that I began feeling the sting of anxiety. I realized that almost every person I knew had asked me in one way or another, “Aren’t you scared?” At first I kept thinking, “Of course not!” Then, I started to wonder, “Should I be?”