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5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (Part 2)

In the previous episode of 5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (found here), we made it abundantly clear that learning at least a little Chinese can really help you in a variety of situations when you go to China (or Taiwan). If you move to China, you’ve no excuse!

5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (Part 1)

An actual conversation that occurred shortly before I moved to China in 2010: My Friend: You’re moving to China? Me: That’s right. My Friend: You’re crazy. Completely¬†nuts. (making “cuckoo eyes” at me) Me: Why? Why is that so crazy? Lots of people do it. My Friend: Because they all speak Chinese there! You’ll probably die.…
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Ten Online Resources for Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese is hard. While nothing substitutes learning in a formal class, these links will help you so that you can become conversant in Chinese.