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Hospitals in Taiwan

There may come a point when you need to visit the hospital for something while you are teaching in Taiwan. Never fear! The hospitals are modern, clean, and very accessible! There are a few differences, though, when visiting a hospital in Taiwan.

Shipping to Taiwan

Shipping to Taiwan can be a very important part of an expat’s life on this beautiful island. Have you been away from your home country for some time and miss something you can only get there? Does your family want to send you a gift? Are you running out of clothes that actually fit you the right way?

Nutrition in Taiwan

Keeping up with nutrition in Taiwan is going to require some changes to what you are used to back home. Are you trying to continue a healthy lifestyle abroad? Are you keeping an eye on macros, on a diet, a vegetarian, or just trying to avoid unhealthy food? Before I came to Taiwan, I was keeping track of what I ate to fuel a performance athlete diet—here’s what you might find if you are looking to keep up a diet in Taiwan!

Nutrition and Fitness in Taiwan

Previously, I had been involved with a lot of heavy fitness– lifting and martial arts. I had been eating a certain diet for performing physically as well. I wondered what I might find in Taiwan in terms of fitness and nutrition. I am dedicating this first article to fitness options, tune in for my next article which looks at nutrition in Taiwan.

A Trip to Lukang

If you are headed to Taichung, you may have certainly heard of the big tourist spots like Sun Moon Lake; but have you heard of Lukang? It is located within Changhua City and is home to a temple built in the 18th century and some great traditional foods and crafts. It is definitely worth a stop to see. I took a trip to Lukang, here are some of the highlights.

Exploring Xiaoliuqiu

I went exploring Xiaoliuqiu (小琉球) for Chinese New Year, a particularly beautiful part of Taiwan. A friend and I were planning to go for three days and our friends called us crazy, saying there wasn’t enough to do there for even two days – we definitely proved them wrong.

Taiwan Bucketlist

Taiwan spans 395km from north to south and 144km from east to west. While it may just seem like a small island off the coast of mainland China, in actuality, it is brimming with attractions ranging from one of the tallest buildings in the world to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Asia.

Taroko National Park: Day 2

Last week I brought you the first installment of my weekend away in Taroko National Park where you saw the beginning of my adventure. Here I bring you part 2 and the rest of my journey into this amazing National Park in Taiwan.