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10 Life Lessons From My Students

Even if you teach younger children, they can still dispense a fair amount of wisdom, (albeit a little humorous at times), about life. Whether it’s something they say or the way they act. Teaching ESL can teach you a lot of things and sometimes it is important to listen to the wisdom of your students and take it on board, here are ten things my students have taught me about life.

Pronunciation Issues for Chinese ESL Learners

English is a tough language for anyone to learn. While every ESL learner has his or her own unique challenges with the language’s sounds, spelling, and generally nonsensical grammar rules, there are certain challenges that you’ll find are more common than others.

Taroko National Park: Day 1

Sitting on top of a large, smooth, sun-warmed rock positioned just above the clear blue water, tucked away in a private alcove down the river and off the beaten path from the Shakadang trail in Taroko National Park, I turn to my friend and say, “Life is happening right now.” From the rock pillow she has been resting on she turns and nods her head in relaxed agreeance.

The Best Sunsets in Taiwan

When I arrived in Taiwan, I was speechless at its breathtaking beauty. Maybe it’s because I’m from a very flat farmland but the sight of mountains, ocean, and palm trees completely swept me away.

Transportation in Taipei

One of the best parts about living in different areas of the world is getting to experience the lay of the land. Each country has it’s own geography that dictates how people are able to commute. As we inhabit different places around the world we mold our surroundings to fit our needs.

A Trip to the Chinese Medicinal Doctor

It’s bound to happen– over the course of the year you spend abroad, you will either get hurt or sick. A trip to the doctor overseas is different enough, but how about a traditional Chinese medicinal doctor?

Christmas in Taipei

The end of 2015 is fast-approaching, which means the holiday season is upon us. Expats are getting that warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling inside and memories of running down to the Christmas tree on the morning of the 25th are beginning to materialize; however, for the locals, life continues on as normal on Christmas day.

Cultural Differences that Affect the Classroom in Taiwan

As teachers, all of us bring something of ourselves to the classroom, which comes from our socio-economic, cultural, education, and familial backgrounds. These experiences that we bring can create amazingly positive effects in the classroom and can, at times, create tension as well. In this article, I will detail a couple of the cultural differences between Western teaching styles and styles I have seen in Taiwan.