Shipping to Taiwan

Shipping to Taiwan

Shipping to Taiwan can be a very important part of an expat’s life on this beautiful island. Have you been away from your home country for some time and miss something you can only get there? Does your family want to send you a gift? Are you running out of clothes that actually fit you the right way?

two-handed givingNever fear, there are plenty of ways to get things shipped to you while you are overseas!

1. On the Island—711

If you went to Kenting for a small vacation from the bustling city of Taipei and fell in love with a dessert snack there, it’s super easy to get it shipped to your doorstep in Taipei!

The websites and navigation around the 711 shipping websites might require some knowledge in Chinese or a friendly companion to help you, but all you need to do is order what you want and pay for it when you pick it up at the closest 711!

Shipping is very cheap and quick across the island—there’s never an excuse for missing out on trying that snack or getting that book you want!

2. Amazon

Believe it or not, Amazon has a special segment on its website dedicated to shipping the comforts of home abroad.  There is a slightly limited selection and getting packages through customs takes a while, but it’s a great thing to keep in mind.

Relatives from abroad can order things off Amazon and have them shipped to you if they don’t feel like going through the post office to ship their package as well. It’s a little less work, time, and money going directly through the website but there are some things Amazon will not ship.

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3. Shipping to Taiwan

Let’s say you are running out of that facewash you really like and can’t find it in Taiwan. Don’t worry—your family can always ship items to you from home!

Let your family know, shipping packages in envelopes is the cheapest route to go in this case, as shipping can be a little expensive from America to Taiwan. Generally, a package or a card will arrive in about 10 days. If the package is too big for your mailbox, you will receive a piece of paper telling you, (in Chinese), to pick your package up at the post office.

It can be a bit of a guessing game as to which post office your package has landed—you may need to ask someone who knows Chinese to guide you. You may need your passport or ARC to pick up your package, too—don’t forget it at home!

4. Shipping from Taiwan

What if your relatives have been so kind as to send you a care package and you would like to return the favor? You can always ship all kinds of Taiwanese goodies home—it’s so simple!

Go to your nearest post office with whatever you need shipped—they will weigh your package, find an appropriate box or shipping option, and send it off for you!

The prices can vary depending on if you would like your package in a box or envelope, registered, ground or air travel, or priority/quick shipping. If you, (like me), usually go with the cheaper option, you are in luck! Shipping rates from Taiwan to America are very reasonable! Good to know if you shop too much and need to ship the bulk of your new tea collection home!

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Whether you are looking to send or receive gifts, cards, or comforts, the shipping options abroad are convenient and quick. Fear not, you are never too far from the comforts of home!


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