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Tips For Teaching Small Classes

Last week, I wrote about the unique challenges of teaching large classes. This week, the focus is on the other end of the spectrum, teaching small classes. At first, it might sound like teaching small classes is easier. After all, you’ve got only a few students to keep track of, and classroom management ought to be a breeze. But teaching just a few students can be surprisingly tricky.

Tips For Teaching Large Classes

Being in front of a classroom of ESL students can be intimidating under any circumstances. But when it’s a large class, and yourself facing twenty or more students, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Blog Carnival: Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

I was asked this month to write about the common grammar mistakes of my students, however I haven’t been a teacher for some time so I thought I would flip the mirror around on us adults. Below is a photo essay covering some funny and common spelling mistakes that adults have made. If we as adults cant get it right, then how do we expect our students to?

Interview With Hayden Jared: An American Teacher in Taipei

Introducing the latest teacher interview for our wonderful Reach To Teach audience. Meet Hayden Jared. He started his teaching career in the US, but Hayden decided to take the plunge into ESL teaching abroad in Taiwan this summer.

Teaching Idioms

Teaching idioms might seem intimidating, especially if your students have never heard any of them before. Idioms are a common part of speech, though. Getting your students familiar with them early on can help them communicate more naturally and give them a deeper understanding of the English language.
It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to teach idioms. With these tips and resources, teaching idioms to your students will be a piece of cake.

Resource List for Teaching the Past Progressive

Were you listening when you learned about the Past Progressive Tense? Yeah, me neither. That’s why I’ve got a whole heap of resources to help you teach the Past Progressive just as if you had been listening. C’mon, what are friends for? Understanding and Teaching the Past Progressive Grammar Monster does a great job of…
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Why Non-Verbal Communication Matters More Than You Think

Teaching has been an expert mentor in helping me see that what I say matters. My words are important because people are actually listening. But my actions may be even more so. How I use my face and eyes and body when I’m talking reveals truth, sincerity, acknowledgment, reciprocation, and about a thousand other things. In communication, the non-verbal tells more than that flabber-jabber of yours could ever hope to.

10 Reads Before You Teach Abroad

Words shape our world. It’s why you want to teach. You have a voice to speak into the lives of your students and they need to hear it. But don’t be fooled into thinking you can give what you don’t have. You need people continuously speaking into your life as well. Wiser people. These are the 10 books you should read before you teach abroad.