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Don’t Go to the Dark Side: Tips for Classroom Management

My friend, James, has chickens named after Star Wars characters. Aside from the best eggs I’ve ever eaten, Darth Sidious and her fellow hen lords are schooling me in all sorts of life’s truths. Especially as a teacher needing tips in classroom management.

The Minor Detail: Encouragement and Advice for Teachers from Teachers

Travel? Yes, please. Money? You’re talking my language. Teaching oversesas? New territory. That’s okay! Here’s some encouragement and advice for teachers, from teachers.

Resources for Teaching the Present Perfect Tense

When teaching English, plenty of grammar exists that teachers know how to use perfectly. But how do we explain it to our students? Do we even know ourselves what the terms for grammar means? The present perfect tense is one of the more difficult to understand and explain. Here are some resources for teaching and understanding the present perfect tense:

10 Tips For Your First Day of School

The first day of school sets the tone for the entire school year. It’s important that you make an impression and create a successful first day experience for your students.