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Amy Harper, A British Teacher In Taoyuan

Our latest teacher to agree to interview with us is Amy Harper. She left her life behind in the UK to pursue a teaching position in South Korea. Not satisfied with just one location in Asia she set her goals to make the move to teaching in Taiwan where she currently teaches young learners.

Teaching At A Chain School

Some teachers hate them and rant about nightmare experiences. Some teachers love teaching at a chain school and have nothing but good things to say about them. Still others are more or less indifferent. There’s no doubt that teaching at this type of school has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a more objective look at the pros and cons of teaching at a chain school.

The Best Teaching Abroad Destination Is Taiwan

Looking to teach English abroad but don’t want to go with the mainstream locations? The best teaching abroad destination is Taiwan. Here’s why.

Free Teacher Training Courses For English Teachers

The field of education is constantly evolving to include new and more effective ways of teaching material and engaging our students in our lessons. Here is a list of Free Teacher Training Courses for English Teachers starting on Coursera.

Teaching Adults vs. Teaching Kids

It’s no surprise that there is a huge difference between teaching adults vs. kids. Each group has their own learning style, completely different reasons for being in your class, and a drastically different level of self-motivation and discipline.

Interview With Kirsty Grace – Teaching in Shanghai, China

This week we bring you a teacher from the UK who decided to make the leap from working with children in London to teaching in Doha, Qatar and the hustle and bustle of teaching in Shanghai. Read on to find out some of the best tips to living and working in Shanghai, China.

10 Creative Activities To Do During Desk Warming Season (Part 1)

Last year was my first year in Korea, and my first year learning about the dreaded term “desk warming.” If you’ve not yet experienced desk warming season, then let this list be your guide during those awful bitter weeks when most expats tend to go a bit mad and lose their minds.

Tips For Teaching Classes Of Varying Ages And English Ability

When you have a wide range of ages and English abilities in your class, it can be tough to come up with activities and lessons that are interesting to everyone. Material tends to be much too easy for some students, while completely going over other students’ heads, making it difficult to tailor lessons so that everyone is engaged and learning.