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Interview With Brett Cleveland: An American Teacher In Taipei

This week we interviewed our teacher Brett Cleveland, a teacher fresh into the ESL profession who tells us about his experiences teaching ESL in Taiwan.

Navigating Taiwan’s Night Market Culture

Taiwan’s night markets can feel like a completely different world. Nowhere else in Taiwan is culture shock more likely to rear its head, and it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by these bustling streets. But once you learn a few things about what to expect and how to navigate the night market culture, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the zany, chaotic charm of Taiwan’s night markets, and realize why they’re such an essential piece of the country’s night life.

Interview With Eliza Pennell: An American Teacher In Taipei

This week we have decided to interview Eliza Pennell, a teacher fresh into ESL. She is a young and fun teacher who finished college in the states and decided to begin her teaching adventure in Taipei, Taiwan. Read on to discover what her experience has been like to date.

Interview With Hayden Jared: An American Teacher in Taipei

Introducing the latest teacher interview for our wonderful Reach To Teach audience. Meet Hayden Jared. He started his teaching career in the US, but Hayden decided to take the plunge into ESL teaching abroad in Taiwan this summer.

Interview with Rob and Victoria – An American Couple in Taipei

Hello there Reach To Teach readers! We are back with yet another teacher interview for you. This time we are featuring an interview with an American couple in Taipei. Rob and Victoria have kindly agreed to answer a few questions about their experiences in teaching English in Taiwan. Read on to discover their tips on the best places to go to in Taipei, best blogs to visit, and their views on teaching in Taiwan.

5 Great Reasons to Teach in Taiwan

Like anyone, I was nervous when I first decided to teach in Taiwan. As the day of departure grew close, all sorts of worries ran through my head. Would I like living in Taiwan? Would I be safe there? Could I stomach the infamous smell of Stinky Tofu?
A year later, this small country had come to feel like home. Here are 5 of the things that make Taiwan such a great place to teach English.

Interview with Andrew Gordon – Teaching at a Taiwan Public School

Interested in teaching in Taiwan’s public school system? Meet Andrew Gordon, a Reach To Teach teacher who has been teaching at a Taipei public school since 2012.

Blog Carnival: Teaching And Technology

Technology is a funny thing, it has grown and grown at a phenomenal speed and we constantly live in a world of progression where technology makes everything easier. But is that the case for teaching?