The November Reach to Teach Gathering at the Taiwan Beer factory.

The November Reach to Teach Gathering at the Taiwan Beer factory.

Here are a few photos of our recent outing to the Taiwan Beer Factory. We took advantage of the never ending supply of freshly brewed beer, enjoyed the entertainment courtesy of the in house live band and best of all had the chance to catch up with the reach to teach gang!

The beer house was packed with Taiwanase people drinking, singing and dancing on tables, waving glow sticks which were thrown into the crowd by the lead singers. The band were great, perhaps a little loud, but nevertheless very entertaining. To give you an idea of the set list, we had Abba followed by Eminem! Certainly an ecclectic mix! We found ourselves as spectators, watching both the band and the audience. At one point, a whole table of Taiwanese part-goers got up onto the stage to join in with an obviously very popular Taiwanese song. There really was a fantastic infectious party atmosphere which fuelled our need to continue the celebrations following the closing of the bar.

So we headed over to Ximen to the hookah bar. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that kind of celebration! The Hookah bar is a lovely little shisha bar with an extensive menu of flavoured tabacco to enjoy with your food and drinks. So we set up camp in a cosy little booth and spent the rest of the evening chatting, drinking and smoking shisha!

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