Top Korean Beauty Trends of 2015

Top Korean Beauty Trends of 2015

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It’s no secret that Korea has been at the forefront of modern cosmetics. This is the country that brought us amazing facial sheet masks, snail slime moisturizers, and cushion compacts.

UntitledEven North America has been jumping on the K-beauty bandwagon. You can now find all the latest K-beauty products at online retailers like Chuusi and GlowRecipe! (At a higher imported price, of course, but beauty is costly.)

As Korea continues to dazzle the cosmetic world with its never-ending inventions, we’re excited to look to the future and see what other goodies the flawlessly faced country comes up with. For now, let’s take a look back on all of the amazing things they invented, revamped, or reintroduced to the world of beauty.

1. Heated Lash Curlers

Although heated lash curlers aren’t exactly new, Korea has created a unique line of the lash enhancers that are very different from the ones that we all remember from the 90’s in the US.

These new heated curlers are actually just a brush that heats up which you run through your lashes, and then you use a basic lash curler and swipe on mascara. This new way of heating your lashes to prep them has a bunch of people raving that there’s no better way to get that oh-so-sultry doe eyed look.

2. Water Free Skin Care

It sounds counter productive, but water free skin care lines were extremely popular in Korea this year. These face washes, makeup removers, and moisturizers were all created to use without (you guessed it) water.

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I’m still not sure how you can (or why you’d want to) clean your face by adding another product onto it, but that’s the genius of K-Beauty I suppose. It doesn’t have to make sense; it just has to work!

3. Sheet Masks For HAIR!

Of all the beauty products I miss in Asia, facial sheet masks are number one. You can buy them so cheap, and the imported ones in America are insanely marked up, and I can’t justify a $5.00USD facial when I use to get it for .50 cents in Asia. Sigh.

I’ll get back to the point, though. Korea now has sheet masks for your hair! Click To Tweet Seriously, this is effing genius and I can’t believe it’s never been thought of before. These masks are intended to offer a deep and intensive moisture session, much like those hot oil treatments that everyone is so fond of in the USA.

Sheet masks for hair offer the same benefits minus the messy part of warming up the oil and then having to wrap it yourself. (I don’t know about you, but every time I attempt a homemade oil treatment, I just end up burning myself and getting sticky oil everywhere!)

4. Bounce Creams

It’s really no surprise that Korea (like the rest of the beauty world) is obsessed with youthful skin. That’s why cushion compacts and other products along those lines are so popular in Korea – and are quickly spreading to the rest of the world.

Bounce creams are said to offer a great amount of high quality ingredients that will give your skin a beautiful, youthful bounce after frequent use.

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5. Sparkling Cleansers

A new trend in K-beauty this year was the use of carbonation in facial wash! It sounds kind of crazy, but I bet it actually feels really nice to have a bubbly face soak after a long day of wearing caked on makeup.

A lot of new products (mainly face washes) touted the fact that they use carbon dioxide bubbles in order to give a good deep scrubbing. I haven’t tried it, yet, but these sparkling face baths seem pretty neat to me!

Calling all K-beauty lovers and world travelers! Have you tried any of these amazing products? What did you think of them, and which ones would you recommend? Share your answer with other beauty addicts in the comments below!

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