Wandering Educators: A Global Resource for Teachers and Travelers

Wandering EducatorsAn international community of traveling educators, Wandering Educators is an online resource for discovering extraordinary travel destinations, fascinating people, and artists, photographers, teachers and travelers on a global level.  With over 35 talented editors from nations around the world, Wandering Educators is proud to be one of the largest sources of travel guide reviews on the internet, offering a massive amount of information on intercultural and travel-related areas. Furthermore, WE posts information on international jobs, internships, and academic conferences for educators around the globe.

Who is a wandering educator? Global travelers or educators in the ESL industry, gap year programs, student ambassador, public or private school teacher, student, professor, administrator or life learner are all members of Wandering Educator’s diverse audience.

Reach To Teach is a proud partner of Wandering Educators. As such, we are putting a call out to all of our Reach To Teach teachers who want to share their experiences, activities, travel adventures or geographic places of interest. Furthermore, we urge you to stop by Wandering Educators for a look around. Contact support@wanderingeducators.com for more information.

On a personal note: I have been a Wandering Educators editor for almost two years and I have really enjoyed contributing articles to the site and meeting other educators from around the world. Feel free to read up on some of my ESL articles.

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