Blog Carnival: Tips For Meeting New People Abroad

Blog Carnival: Tips For Meeting New People Abroad

Welcome back to the Reach To Teach Blog Carnival, this is a platform where you can find a number of different bloggers views, tips and handy suggestions about one particular topic. Below you will find the links to our wonderfully informative Reach To Teach bloggers who diligently take part in the monthly carnival. This month we are exploring what top tips our bloggers have for you readers about meeting new people abroad.

This is an area that many people thinking of making the move abroad have concerns about so we thought we would help to squash those concerns and share our own personal advice.  So here are the top tips from our bloggers; click the links and read away. Don’t forget to comment.Greeting a Friend, Tigray

Sharon Couzens

How To Meet Other Expats

Moving to a completely different country can be stressful. Having a support group can greatly help you out

Sharon de Hinojosa has been TEFLing since 2003.  She started posting on Dave’s ESL Cafe and found herself regularly giving advice to people. She thought it would be good to compile answers to FAQ that people often have and that’s how TEFL Tips got started.

Jamie Phillips

Meeting People Abroad

Meeting people abroad is completely different than meeting people at home. And it’s funny when you compare the two. At home, you’d never approach a complete stranger, and ask them a couple of generic questions, and then spend the next 72 hours straight with them.

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A few years ago, Jamie packed up, sold, redistributed all of her non-essential belongings, crammed her life into a backpack and wandered aimlessly into the world. She is currently in Rishikesh, India studying yoga and eating curry. 

Brett Cleveland

Meeting People Abroad

Meeting people in a foreign country can pose a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t know anyone else going in. In this entry, I offer up my top 3 tips for meeting people abroad. Enjoy!

I’m Brett, and I’m currently an ESL teacher in Taipei. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and graduated from UW last year with a business degree. I’ve previously lived in Singapore, and traveled around Asia and a bit in Europe as well. I like meeting new people, trying new food, warm weather, cold beer, long walks on the beach, and a nice pair of slacks. Teaching is my latest adventure, and I’m enjoying the ride so far!

Neysha Bauer

5 Ways To Make New Friends In South Korea

Moving half way across the world is exciting, thrilling and ethereal in so many ways, but it can also be lonely. Now, you don’t need me to tell you to “put yourself out there; get involved!” You know that already… these are my tips on the best ways to beat the loneliness monsters and really make the most of your experience in South Korea. After all, it’s the people you’re with that make it all worth while.

Hi! I’m Neysha and I fell in love with traveling in an astro van in 1991. You can read all about it on my blog Travelsuras, where I talk all about my adventures, self-discoveries and life as an EFL teacher in South Korea. I’m a daydream believer dedicated to sharing the wonder of the world and all it’s magic.

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