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10 Creative Activities To Do During Desk Warming Season (Part 1)

Last year was my first year in Korea, and my first year learning about the dreaded term “desk warming.” If you’ve not yet experienced desk warming season, then let this list be your guide during those awful bitter weeks when most expats tend to go a bit mad and lose their minds.

Tips For Teaching Classes Of Varying Ages And English Ability

When you have a wide range of ages and English abilities in your class, it can be tough to come up with activities and lessons that are interesting to everyone. Material tends to be much too easy for some students, while completely going over other students’ heads, making it difficult to tailor lessons so that everyone is engaged and learning.

Interview With Stefanus Hanekom: A South African Teacher In China

Introducing our latest teacher interview. This week we interviewed Stefanus who took the plunge and made his first steps into a teaching career by moving all the way to China to begin a teaching position. Read on to see what experiences he has had as a first time teacher in China.

Blog Carnival: New Year Travel Resolution

Having the ability to speak the language in Taiwan, or in any location, will open up your experience so much more. I have lost count of how many times I have felt on the outside of a conversation being had in mandarin by my friends or people I know here. Jokes will be told that I don’t get, plans will be made that I hear about afterwards, locations exist that I cannot find. Worse than all of this is feeling like a burden to a group who want to speak mandarin but they have to keep explaining everything to me in English. I hate being that guy.

A Style Guide To The Korean Office: Men

Handsome gents, it’s your turn for a style guide to the Korean office. After polling the male expat group, I’ve come up with a neat list to help you put your best foot forward. There’s no longer any need to stress over what to wear at the office!

How To Dress In The Korean Office: 5 Women’s Rules

Attention EPIK newbies! Today we’ll tackle one of your biggest worries, the dress code. The first part will focus on the women’s rules while the next installment will be just for the guys.

Tips For Teaching Small Classes

Last week, I wrote about the unique challenges of teaching large classes. This week, the focus is on the other end of the spectrum, teaching small classes. At first, it might sound like teaching small classes is easier. After all, you’ve got only a few students to keep track of, and classroom management ought to be a breeze. But teaching just a few students can be surprisingly tricky.

Tips For Teaching Large Classes

Being in front of a classroom of ESL students can be intimidating under any circumstances. But when it’s a large class, and yourself facing twenty or more students, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.