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6 Ways to Beat Teacher Burnout

Beating teacher burnout is tough, anyone who’s taught ESL for long enough has been there: You started out strong. You loved it and walked into class every day with a bounce in your step and joy in your heart. And then somewhere along the way, you found yourself losing that enthusiasm.

Classroom Management 101

It’s time for some classroom management 101. Alright, so you’re just starting out and want to get a good handle on essential classroom management techniques before you jump into the classroom. Or maybe you’ve been teaching for a few months and have a class that’s just gotten a little out of hand and you need to go back to basics to reign them in.

Teaching Abroad! What is Stopping You?

Teaching Abroad! You know you want to do it. You know it’s something that you’ll regret not doing for the rest of your life, and you know the longer you put it off, the less likely it becomes that you’ll actually make it happen.

Never a Bad Student

I hear it often from teachers. “He’s just a bad student,” or “That child is just a troublemaker.” As though it’s an integral, unchangeable part of his or her personality, actually, there is never a bad student.

Interacting With Korean Students

As a westerner, interacting with Korean students is not always easy and can present its own challenges. Teaching for the first time can be nerve-wracking on its own, but teaching in a foreign country for the first time brings about anxieties you never knew you harbored.

Learning a Language Improves Teaching

One of the big perks of living abroad is the chance to study and fully immerse yourself in a foreign language. And while you probably won’t directly use your new knowledge of your students’ language in ESL class, there are a lot of reasons why learning a language improves teaching, they are as follows

Balancing Your Time

Balancing your time as an overseas English teacher is more difficult that it may seem. Being given the opportunity to live in a foreign country will be a pivotal experience in anyone’s life. Making sure to take advantage of the opportunity while still being able to perform your duties as a teacher can be a challenging task.

Valentines and White Day in the ESL Classroom

Talking about Valentines and White day in the ESL classroom can be met with a number of reactions. Depending on the age of your students, talk of love and romance may be met with “Awww,” “Ewww.” Either way, Valentine’s Day is a huge part of our culture, and your students will love setting aside some time to have fun with it.