Reach To Teach Teachers: We Appreciate You!

Reach To Teach Teachers: We Appreciate You!

This year has been an extraordinary year for us here in Taiwan, and our teachers have a lot to say about Reach To Teach and our services in assisting teachers in their move to Taiwan. This review was so good, we decided to post it here on the blog. Thank you, Tate. We really appreciate you taking the time to write this for us!

There is a reason the reviews for this organization (and thereby its founder, Carrie Kellenberger) are almost completely, unambiguously glowing. It is because the organization itself (and thereby, you guessed it, Carrie Kellenberger) is wholly representative of all of the positive things said about it and her.

I, like pretty much every other “foreigner teacher” looking to teach in Asia, was understandably perplexed by the mountain of obstacles that seemed to face me – some of which known to me, most of which not, and a few known just enough as to fortell of even greater bureaucratic misfortune further down the road. In my case, Taiwan’s COVID restrictions meant that an even greater number of convoluted steps were added to an already frustrating process, but although this was enough to deter me, it wasn’t enough to deter Carrie, and through painstaking emails, crises, and many other predictable blips and blops, she brought me back from the brink, and ultimately to Taiwan!

But just to make her help clear and specific, I’ll try to explain exactly how Carrie can help you; what she can do for you that you can’t do yourself. You can think of these large-scale bureaucratic machines (the governments from whom you ultimately want a work visa) as puzzles – if you don’t have your papers in order, the stamps in the right places, the dots dotted and the t’s t’d, they won’t give you the visa or document or whatever you might so desperately need.

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The problem is that there is a ton of interpretive liberty given to you as to what a rule is ~actually~ referring to, and most of the time, you’re just trying to follow what you hope the “document stamper’s” opinion is going to be on these very same vague guidelines. This is where Carrie comes in. Carrie is the liaison for hundreds of Reach To Teach teachers doing the same thing as you, and she has the proper bureaucratic intuition developed by thousands of hours dealing with these governments – she intuitively “knows” what the interpretation of a guideline or rule should be due to her deep experience working with these entities.

Secondly, her network of other teachers ensures that their successes and failures serve as stepping stones for your own eventual success. Much of the visa process is trial and error, and Carrie helps by essentially using the errors of others before you as minesweepers to help lighten both the trial and error parts of your process- making it smoother than any of those mean government officials ever wanted it to be for you!

I am indebted to Carrie for her invaluable help, and also for the fact that all her services are free (for the teacher!) It seems almost too good to be true that all this help could somehow also be free, but Reach to Teach is paid by schools in exchange for fielding high-quality teaching talent; everyone wins! The fact that I did not have to pay Carrie, while at the same time receiving a service I would have paid a lot of money for, is probably a big reason why I felt I needed to write such a long essay, in some attempt to make it up to her.

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In conclusion, listen to me, and the rest of the people. The crowd has spoken, and they unanimously cheer on both Reach to Teach and its winning mascot, Carrie Kellenberger. 10/10. If you have any questions, please feel free to dm me if you want to talk about it. 再見!

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