Year: 2014

How To Dress In The Korean Office: 5 Women’s Rules

Attention EPIK newbies! Today we’ll tackle one of your biggest worries, the dress code. The first part will focus on the women’s rules while the next installment will be just for the guys.

Navigating Taiwan’s Night Market Culture

Taiwan’s night markets can feel like a completely different world. Nowhere else in Taiwan is culture shock more likely to rear its head, and it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by these bustling streets. But once you learn a few things about what to expect and how to navigate the night market culture, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the zany, chaotic charm of Taiwan’s night markets, and realize why they’re such an essential piece of the country’s night life.

10 Christmas Gifts For Your Expat Friend (Part 2)

Ho, ho, ho! Good will to you, dear friends of expats! In case you missed the first part of my amazing Christmas gift so you can send your friend abroad the perfect present, you can find part 1 of this awesome gift list here.

Tips For Teaching Small Classes

Last week, I wrote about the unique challenges of teaching large classes. This week, the focus is on the other end of the spectrum, teaching small classes. At first, it might sound like teaching small classes is easier. After all, you’ve got only a few students to keep track of, and classroom management ought to be a breeze. But teaching just a few students can be surprisingly tricky.

10 Christmas Gifts For Your Expat Friend (Part 1)  

Nothing is harder than spending the holidays away from family, friends, and all the cozy familiarity’s back home. Sure, your friend abroad is having a great time, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays are easy to just ignore while they’re seeing the world.

10 Signs Your Partner Was An Expat In South Korea (Part 2)

Last week our South Korea expert Judith Villarreal gave us the first installment of this two part series. Find out the next 5 signs that your partner was an expat in Korea below.

8 Mistakes New Expats Make in South Korea (Part 2)

Back in August, precisely 17 days before my departure to become an EPIK teacher in South Korea. I was blinded by images of green tea fields, rice cakes and kimchi. I would read a new expat blog every day (or every hour, if I had the time!). I was ready; or so I thought… This article was written by Neysha Bauer, you can find more of her articles on her blog

Tips For Teaching Large Classes

Being in front of a classroom of ESL students can be intimidating under any circumstances. But when it’s a large class, and yourself facing twenty or more students, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.