Year: 2014

Is It Safe To Teach Abroad As A Single Woman?

Teaching abroad is a daunting and scary undertaking for anyone. But being a woman traveling alone can make you feel especially vulnerable. I certainly had my own fears and reservations before I moved overseas. A foreign country felt like a whole world of unknown.

7 Experiences Every Expat Has In South Korea

Being an expat in Korea you get is wonderful and completely full of fun and interesting experiences. Some of these experiences are more common than others and you can expect to have them at least once during your stay. Here are my 7 experiences every expat in South Korea has.

Interview With Sara Moulton: An American Teacher In Singapore

This week we bring you a special edition to our teacher interviews. I introduce to you Sara Moulten, who has been living and teaching in Singapore this past year. Transitioning from the island life of New Jersey to the island life of Singapore has had its differences, she tells all here.

5 Things Korea Can Learn From America

While I fell deeply in love with the culture and lifestyle I experienced in Korea, there were a few things I couldn’t help but miss back home. As I stated in my previous article 5 Things America Can Learn From Korea, I love curiously discovering the wealth of differences that thrive in different cultures.

Hiking In Taiwan

Your time abroad isn’t all about teaching. You’ve got to get out and play, too. And if you’re anything like me, the lure of the mountains will have you out exploring and hiking in Taiwan as often as you possibly can. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or completely new to it, and whether you’re looking for a quick half-day jaunt through dense, muggy jungles or a multi-day expedition up an epic snowy peak, Taiwan is truly a hiker’s paradise.

5 Things America Can Learn From Korea

After my time in Korea ended, I began to miss certain aspects of daily life in the land of morning calm. While there’s no such thing as a perfect culture or country, I do believe that there are aspects of each country that come as close to perfect as a society could possibly get.
My favorite things about Korea were non-existent in my own country. These 5 are things I think America should pick up from Korea!

Interview With Hayden Jared: An American Teacher in Taipei

Introducing the latest teacher interview for our wonderful Reach To Teach audience. Meet Hayden Jared. He started his teaching career in the US, but Hayden decided to take the plunge into ESL teaching abroad in Taiwan this summer.

5 Pet Peeves Every Expat In Korea Has

If there is anything more true about traveling abroad, it’s that you get to know yourself much better than before you left home. Of course, the whole getting to know yourself part isn’t always going to be about hooking up with sexy Italians and eating gelato á la “Eat, Pray, Love” and other wanderlust filled books. Sometimes the things you find about yourself abroad are terrible, and sometimes they’re just boring – like the pet peeves you’ll find abroad.